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Author:  Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Gordon, Marchioness of, 1857-1939
Title:  Through Canada with a Kodak... introduction by Marjory Harper
Publisher  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1994
Dates of Coverage:  1890-1891  
Shelfmark:  HP1.96.1035

Author:  Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Gordon, Marchioness of, 1857-1939
Title:  The Canadian journal of Lady Aberdeen, 1893-1898, edited with an introduction by John T. Saywell
Publisher  Toronto: Publications of the Champlain Society, no. 38, 1960
Dates of Coverage:  1893-1898  
Shelfmark:  Ser.22.29

Author:  Agnew, Andrew, Sir, 1818-1892
Title:  From Lochnaw to Manitoulin: a highland soldier's tour through Upper Canada... edited by Scott A. McLean
Publisher  Toronto: Natural Heritage Books, 1999
Dates of Coverage:  1839  
Shelfmark:  HP2.200.07830

Author:  Aitken, James
Title:  From the Clyde to California with jottings by the wa
Publisher  Greenock: W. Johnston, 1882
Dates of Coverage:  1881  
Shelfmark:  NF.1248.c.31(1); 5.4532(18)

Author:  Aitken, James
Title:  A run through the States: supplementary to From the Clyde to California
Publisher  Greenock, [1894]
Dates of Coverage:  1892  
Shelfmark:  NF.1248.c.31(2)

Author:  Alexander, James Edward, Sir
Title:  L'Acadie, or, Seven years' explorations in British America
Publisher  London: H. Colburn, 1849
Dates of Coverage:  1841-1848  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (40,243-40,251); E.139.e

Author:  Alexander, James Edward, Sir, 1803-1885
Title:  Transatlantic sketches, comprising visits to the most interesting scenes in North and South America, and the West Indies, with notes on negro slavery and Canadian emigration, by Captain J.E. Alexander, 2 v.
Publisher  London: Richard Bentley, 1833
Dates of Coverage:  1831-1832  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (15,819-15,827a); K.186.a

Author:  Alexander, James Edward, Sir, 1803-1885
Title:  A sleigh-ride in Canada West: in the winter early in 1843... taken from an old contemporary magazine
Publisher  Toronto: [s.n.], 1967
Dates of Coverage:  1843  
Notes:  facs. repr.  
Shelfmark:  5.3988

Author:  Alexander, James Edward, Sir, 1803-1885
Title:  Passages in the life of a soldier, or, Military service in the East and West
Publisher  London: Hurst and Blackett, 1857
Dates of Coverage:  1848-1855  
Notes:  North America, vol. 1  
Shelfmark:  K.151.f

Author:  Alexander, Richard Henry, 1844-1915
Title:  The diary and narrative of Richard Henry Alexander in a journey across the Rocky Mountains…
Publisher  Richmond, BC: The Alcuin Society, 1973
Dates of Coverage:  1862  
Shelfmark:  H5.79.67

Author:  Anderson, J. W., 1893-
Title:  Fur trader's story
Publisher  Toronto: Ryerson Press, 1961
Dates of Coverage:  1910-c.1960  
Shelfmark:  H3.81.3353