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Emigration from Scotland: Emigrants' Correspondence

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Year:  1755.
Reference:  Saltoun Papers, MS.17678, ff.41-5.  
Description:  Report, etc., ca.1755, on an attempted sale of his estate by Lauchlan MacQuarrie of Ulva in order to finance emigration of his family and others.

Year:  1772.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/974.  
Description:  Sutherland rent book, 1772-3, with references to tenants gone to America.

Year:  1772-4.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/725, passim; 1102-3, 1105, 1107, passim.  
Description:  Letterbook and correspondence, 1772-4 of Capt. James Sutherland as Tutor of the Sutherland estate (in minority) incl. letters concerning emigration from Sutherland.

Year:  1802.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/1117.  
Description:  Letter, 30 Dec. 1802, of Colin Mackenzie to David Campbell of Combie relating to tenants in Assynt emigrating to America.

Year:  1804-8.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313./744 ( n.d.); /747 ( 19 July 1808); /752, (18 Aug. [1804] ); /894 (11 A  
Description:  Letters of or to Elizabeth, Duchess-Countess of Sutherland, concerning emigration from her estates.

Year:  1809.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/1127.  
Description:  Letter 1809 of Cosmo Falconer to Lord Gower re emigration of tenants stirred up by "disaffected persons".

Year:  1813.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/1128.  
Description:  Letters 1813 (nos.27-29, 31) of William Young to Lord Gower, relating to efforts of Lord Selkirk to recruit Sutherland estate tenants for his Red River colony in Canada.

Year:  1817-19.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/1468, pp.60, 77, 81, 137-8, 170-2, 311, 339-42, 349-50.  
Description:  Letter-book of Francis Suther, 1817-19, with correspondence relating to emigration from Sutherland estates.

Year:  1817-20.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/1136 (7 Dec. 1817) /1137 (17 Apr. 1818)' 1139-40 passim' /1146 (2 letters  
Description:  Letters of James Loch to Francis Sutherland, and Elizabeth, Duchess-Countess of Sutherland relating to emigration 1817-20.

Year:  1821
Reference:  Scott Letters MS.3892, ff.146-7  
Description:  Letter of Ebenezer Knox, superintendent of an agricultural establishment near Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, to Sir Walter Scott, Abbotsford, Selkirkshire, thanking Scott for his letter of support sent to Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

Year:  1821-1823
Reference:  Scott Letters, MSS.3983, ff.41-2; 3894, f.59; 3896, f.21  
Description:  Letters of George Harper, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, to Sir Walter Scott, Abbotsford, Selkirkshire, referring to his grant of land in NSW, etc. and to his dispatch of two live emus to Scott.

Year:  1825
Reference:  Scott Letters, MS.3901, f.168  
Description:  Letter of Andrew Murray, Government Gardens Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, to Sir Walter Scott, Abbotsford, Selkirkshire, on his 8 years in NSW, 4 being service in the Gardens.

Year:  1828
Reference:  Scott Letters, MS. 3909, ff. 78-81  
Description:  Letter and memorial of Captain Alexander Robertson, Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada, to Sir Walter Scott (as Vice-President of the Highland Society of Scotland) on his ancestry and other Gaelic-speaking settlers in his county, and requesting that the Society order a set of bagpipes for use at local celebrations "of such as talk the Gaelic and will engage to instruct their children in it".

Year:  1849.
Reference:  Sutherland Papers, Dep.313/878.  
Description:  Correspondence, 1849, of George, 2nd Duke of Sutherland, concerning emigration from his estates.

Year:  1900-1938
Reference:  Stirton Collection, MS.3239, ff.34, 49-59, 63-70, 89-90  
Description:  Letters of Rev. Dr Thomas Stirton, Presbyterian minister, Invernell, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and his family, to his kinsman, Rev. Dr John Stirton, in Edinburgh, Corsock, Kirkcudbrightshire, Glamis, Angus, and Crathie, Aberdeenshire, on their life and activities, visit to New Zealand (1902) and military service of a family member in the Boer War.

Year:  1915-1916
Reference:  Stirton Collection, MS.3239, ff.71-87  
Description:  Letters of Janet M. Rolland (aged 86), Montreal, Canada, to her cousin, Rev. John Stirton, then Minister of Glamis, Angus, with family news, religious reflections, and comments on Canadian military contingents going to Europe.

Year:  1979
Reference:  Sorley MacLean papers, MS.29510, ff.6-7  
Description:  Letter of Dugald MacArthur, Librarian of St Andrews University, to Sorley MacLean, concerning emigration from Skye to Australia in 1854.

Year:  1988-1996, n.d.
Reference:  Sorley MacLean Papers, MS.29547  
Description:  Correspondence of John Angus MacLean, Premier of Prince Edward Island, Canada (b.1914), with Sorley MacLean, Plockton and Skye, and Dr Alastair MacLean, South Uist, concerning MacLeans in Raasay and Prince Edward Island; includes a copy of J. Angus MacLean's 'Perhaps it's in the Blood: Notes on Family Lore'.