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Emigration from Scotland: Emigrants' Correspondence

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Year:  1774-6, 1785.
Reference:  Russel and Aitken W.S., Archives , Dep.240(19).  
Description:  Papers, 1774-6, 1785 relating to William Black, mason in Herbertshire ,Virginia, including a letter, 1774, written by him from Williamsburg.

Year:  1791.
Reference:  Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland Papers, Adv.MS.73.2.13, f.27.  
Description:  Letter, 22 Oct. 1791, of Rory Steel, St. John [ie. Prince Edward] Island to Colin MacDonald of Boisdale, South Uist, relating hardships of new Uist emigrants during voyage and first winter in Canada.

Year:  1803.
Reference:  Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland Papers, Adv.MS.73.2.15, ff.43-5.  
Description:  Notes, Mar. 1803, of Edward S. Fraser of Reelig on 'Emigration from the Highlands and Islands', being answers to queries on the subject.

Year:  1842-7.
Reference:  Riddell Collection, Adv.MS.26.2.19.  
Description:  A volume of letters and press cuttings 1842-4, 1847, of John Riddell, peerage lawyer ,Edinburgh, relating to the activities of the British-American Association for Emigration and Colonisation.

Year:  1850-3.
Reference:  Robertson MacDonald Papers, MSS.3952, ff.23, 42; MS.3984, ff.195-6.  
Description:  Letters, 1850, 1853 to William Robertson MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart, Invernesshire, relating to emigrations to Quebec province from his estate; with an account, 1852, of advances to Moidart emigrants by the Highlands and Islands Emigration Society.

Year:  1894.
Reference:  Rosebery Papers, MS.10063, ff.93-6.  
Description:  Colonial Office memorandum of 'R.M.', 29 Nov. 1894, relating to the Crofter Emigration Scheme' to Canada sponsored by the Scottish Office and the Canadian government, and letter Nov. 1894 of [Sir] George Otto Trevelyan, Secretary for Scotland, to Lord Rosebery [Prime Minister] on the Scheme.