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Emigration from Scotland: Emigrants' Correspondence

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Year:  1759-61.
Reference:  Lynedoch Papers, MS.16410, ff.3-4, 7-10.  
Description:  Letters, 1759-61, of Thomas Graeme, physician in Philadelphia, to his relations in Perth and at Balgowan, Perthshire.

Year:  1772.
Reference:  Lee Papers, MS.3431, ff.177-83.  
Description:  'Observes or Remarks upon the Lands and Islands which Compose the Barrony called Harris', a prospectus, 1772, apparently drawn up for the projected sale of Harris by Norman Macleod of Macleod, remarking (f.180) on the 'spirit of emigration' among the tenants.

Year:  1774.
Reference:  Letter-book of John Davidson of Stewartfield W.S., MS.10787, pp.1-2, 12, 18-19, 26.  
Description:  Letters, 1774, of Geo. Gillanders, factor of Lewis, Lord Seaforth and John Mackenzie re emigration from the Seaforth estates.

Year:  1797.
Reference:  Liston Papers, MS.5697, p.12.  
Description:  Journal of a tour by Lady Liston, 1797 with references to the community of Gaelic-speaking Highlanders in North Carolina.

Year:  1802, 1828-1830
Reference:  Lee Papers MSS. 3437, ff.14, 73, 106, 188-97; 3438, ff. 5, 13.  
Description:  Correspondence of Thomas Blackwood (1773-1842), merchant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with Rev. Dr John Lee, Edinburgh, on the position of Church of Scotland congregations in the Canadas

Year:  1826-9.
Reference:  Lee Papers, MSS.3436-8, 3442, passim.  
Description:  Correspondence, 1826-9, of Rev. Dr. John Lee as Convener, Colonial Committee of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, relating to Scots Presbyterian congregations in Canada, chiefly Upper Canada, and including letters and papers from emigrant ministers and congregations.

Year:  1827
Reference:  Lee papers, MS.3436, ff.224, 231  
Description:  Letter of Rev. John Mather, Ontario, Canada, to the Rev. Dr John Lee, on religious rivalries in Upper Canada.

Year:  1827-1828
Reference:  Lee Papers, MSS.3436, ff.196, 214, 262, 275; 3437, ff.4-7  
Description:  Letters of George Sheed, Presbyterian minister in Ancaster, Ontario, to Rev. Henry Easson, Montreal, on Presyterian union in Canada, and numbers of Presbyterians (mostly Scots) in his district.

Year:  1832.
Reference:  Lee Papers, MS.3439, ff.155-6.  
Description:  Letter, 26 May, 1832, of Adam Wilson [later Sir Adam, Canadian judge], Trafalgar Ontario, to Rev. Dr. John Lee, describing economic developments and religious denominations in the district, William Lyon Mackenzie's activities, etc.

Year:  1832.
Reference:  Lee Papers, MS.3439, ff.195-6.  
Description:  Letter, 7 July 1832, of Thomas Ross, schoolmaster at Kingston Grammar School, Upper Canada, to Rev. Dr. Lee (Edinburgh) on his passage, journey to Ontario, his scholars, and the local community.

Year:  1837.
Reference:  Lithgow Papers, MS.2543, ff.37-8.  
Description:  Letter, 1837, of Mrs. Helen Crichton, Pictou, Nova Scotia, to her uncle, Aaron Lithgow, merchant, Dundee, and her aunt, on her recent marriage to a Pictou merchant, her father's business in Halifax, and describing the town and district of Pictou.

Year:  1837.
Reference:  Lynedoch Papers, MS.16147, ff.235-6.  
Description:  A printed 'Report by the Committee in Edinburgh for Relief of the Destitution in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland', Edinburgh 21 Dec. 1837.

Year:  1841
Reference:  Lee Papers, MS.3443, ff.253-4  
Description:  Letter of Rev. James George, Scarborough, Ontario, Moderator of the Church of Scotland's Synod of Canada, to Rev. Dr Robert Gordon, Edinburgh, on the pastoral letter of the Church of Scotland to the colonial churches and their attachment to the mother church and their native land.

Year:  1853.
Reference:  Lithgow Papers, MS.2543, ff.39-48.  
Description:  Letters, 1853, of Edwin Lithgow at the Australian goldfields [Campbell's Creek Diggings, Port Phillip, Woodend, Mount-Macdon and Williamstown, Victoria] to his mother and brother, James, merchant in Dundee.