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Year:  1849
Reference:  Carlyle Papers, MS.1775B, ff.45-46  
Description:  Letter of William Grahame, Vaughan [Ontario], Canada, to Dr John Aitken Carlyle, Dumfries, on Canadian politics, his advocacy of protectionism, and the superiority of Canadian to "Yankee" farming methods.

Year:  1855, 1869
Reference:  Carlyle Papers, MSS.1763, f.277; 1775D, ff.20-22  
Description:  Letters of John Carlyle, Mount Pleasant, near Brantford, Onrario, Canada, to his brother, Dr John Aitken Carlyle, Dumfries, on agriculture, family news, and the lack of Sabbath observance in Michigan leading to his settlement in Canada.

Year:  1860-1864, 1879
Reference:  Chalmers of Auldbar Papers, MS.15497, ff.115-201 passim, & 220-230  
Description:  Letters of Cornelius Inglis, physician, to his mother and sister in London, from Sydney, Tumut and Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia (1860-1864), and Mount Linton, near Invercargill, New Zealand (1879), on his professional and personal life and activities.

Year:  1877
Reference:  Carlyle Papers, MS.1772, ff.252-253  
Description:  Letter of Sir Sandford Fleming, railway engineer, to Thomas Carlyle, philosopher and historian, proposing to give him two books on railway development in Canada, and a plug of Canadian tobacco.

Year:  1878
Reference:  Carlyle Papers, MS.1775G, ff.198-199  
Description:  Letter of John Carlyle, Delhi, Ontario, to his uncle, Thomas Carlyle, philosopher and historian, giving news of the Carlyle family in Canada.

Year:  1888-1913.
Reference:  Calder Papers, Acc.9000.  
Description:  Correspondence and papers, 1888-1913, n.d., largely from Donald and Neil Calder in Montana and other western states, U.S.A., to John Calder, Airdens, Bonar Bridge ; letters of Neil Calder from Victoria and Western Australia 1895-1904; letters from Canada to William Calder, Airdens, 1902, n.d.

Year:  1891-1896
Reference:  Chalmers of Auldbar Papers, MS.15495, ff.223-232  
Description:  Letters of Norman Chalmers, former Captain in the Cameron Highlanders, to his mother Margaret, of Auldbar Castle, Angus, and sister, on sheep station life at Mount Linton, Southland, New Zealand, and including a description of a visit to Stewart Island.