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Emigration from Scotland: Emigrants' Correspondence

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Year:  1738.
Reference:  Acc.8168, Box 2/14.  
Description:  Doc.1738, listing tenants selling cattle to Campbell of Shawfield incl.uding Alexander. McNaughtan and Alexander. Montgomerie 'gone for America'.

Year:  1770-1854
Reference:  Acc. 12606  
Description:  Research notes of Donald Whyte including passenger lists of ships taking Scottish emigrants to Canada, 1770-1854.

Year:  1770-97.
Reference:  Acc.7199, Box 4(1).  
Description:  Letters, 1770-97, from George, Thomas, and Charles James MacMurdo in Virginia, to their father George MacMurdo, Enrick , nr. Dumfries.

Year:  1793.
Reference:  Acc.6945.  
Description:  Letter, 1793, of Alexander MacNab of Inishewen, Perthshire, to Archibald MacRa, tacksman of Ardintoul, Kintail, Wester Ross, declaring that he would send his sons to farm cheap land in America to escape 'the Avarice of Landlords' at home.

Year:  1801-17.
Reference:  Acc.7439.  
Description:  Typescript copies [of letters, 1801-2, 1804-6, 1808, 1817, to William Watson, stonemason in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., from relatives in Old Kirkpatrick, Dumbartonshire; with letters from his brother, Crawford Watson, on ships in Virginia and Kingston, Jamaica.

Year:  1803.
Reference:  Adv.MS.35.6.18.  
Description:  'State of Emigration from the Highlands of Scotland its' extent, causes, and proposed remedy London 21 Mar. 1803': a treatise (35 pp).

Year:  1816.
Reference:  Acc.8426.  
Description:  Diary of a voyage to Canada.

Year:  1818.
Reference:  Acc.6981.  
Description:  Letter, 1818, of Thomas Wilson, mason in Prince Edward Island, to his brother in Fife, describing life in Canada.

Year:  1818.
Reference:  Acc.7595.  
Description:  Letter 1818, of John Adamson, Caldwell County U.S.A. to Andrew Wilson, St. Andrews, on his prosperous life in America.

Year:  1823-4.
Reference:  Airth Papers, MS.10959, ff.154, 256.  
Description:  Copy of letter, 1823 of Matthew Leech, former adjutant of Militia, in Brockvill, Upper Canada, to P. Muschet, Stirlingshire, and covering letter of Muschet to Thomas Graham Stirling of Airth: on Leech's emigration with family and subsequent imprisonment for debt.

Year:  1824-6.
Reference:  Acc.6486.  
Description:  Diary, 1824-6, of Patrick Grant Beaton, merchant in Venezuela and formerly of Urquhart, Invernesshire, (a photocopy of the original in Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ont. N6A 3K7).

Year:  1827-1841
Reference:  Acc.12249  
Description:  Letters (6) of Peter Hastie from Edinburgh, 1827 (announcing his intention to emigrate), and from the USA (Hamilton and Madison, Madison County, New York State, and New York City) 1834-1841, to his aunt and her husband, Mr and Mrs James Scott, in Selkirk. The letters describe his life, and professional activities as an Agent on various water engineering works in the state and city.

Year:  1828.
Reference:  Acc.5814.  
Description:  Diary, 1828, of John Steele kept during passage aboard the 'Curler' of Greenock to New York with his wife and family.

Year:  1831, 1833.
Reference:  Acc.7020.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters, 1831, 1833, of Marjorie McNicol, and John Mackintosh on emigrant farms in Ontario, to James McNicol ,Nairn, describing their life and agricultural operations.

Year:  1831-9.
Reference:  Acc.8915.  
Description:  Diary of Nicol Finlayson, hunter and trapper, Red River Settlement, Manitoba, 1831-9 ( a microfilm of the original in the National Archives of Canada, Ottawa).

Year:  1832-42.
Reference:  Acc.11100.  
Description:  Letters to James Scott, schoolmaster in Newstead, Roxburghshire, from his brother Henry, and nephews and niece James, John and Catherine Oliver in London and Burlington, Ontario, on life in Canada, including church life, farming conditions, and the spread of cholera.

Year:  1833.
Reference:  Acc.5546.  
Description:  Photocopy of letter, 1833, of James Morham, Launceston, Van Dieman's Land [ie. Tasmania], to Robert Morham, Depute Town Clerk, Edinburgh, describing the island, his work difficulties in Hobart Town due to quantity of convict labour, and bad treatment of convicts.

Year:  1833-1906.
Reference:  Acc.11468.  
Description:  Memoirs of Ann Anderson of her life as a nurse in Australia (published 1992); with some documents and letter of or concerning her.

Year:  1834.
Reference:  Acc.8813.  
Description:  Journal of a missionary voyage by representatives of the Catholic Apostolic Church to Canada, 1834.

Year:  1834.
Reference:  Acc.9479.  
Description:  Photocopy of a letter, in Gaelic, 15 Oct. 1834, of William Hendry, to his mother in Penrioch, Isle of Arran, giving news of his relatives and other Arran folk in Canada, probably Quebec Province: with translation of the letter by Ronald Black, Edinburgh University.

Year:  1835.
Reference:  Acc.6913.  
Description:  Letter, 19 Aug. 1835, of John B. Winning in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to his parents in New Lanark, describing his and his brother's occupations and giving his views on slavery: (photocopy from original in the possession of the New Lanark Conservation Trust).

Year:  1837
Reference:  Acc.8648  
Description:  Letter, 1837, of Rev. Robert Hardie from Georgetown, Demerara [Guyana] to his sister, Anne, describing his voyage from Glasgow.

Year:  1838.
Reference:  Acc.7290.  
Description:  Letter, 1838, of Mrs. Wilhelmina Black, wife of Edward, D.D., Presbyterian minister in Montreal, to Mrs. Richardson of Woodlands, Newton Stewart (Wigtownshire) relating to social life among affluent Scots expatriates these, and referring to the Papineau insurrection.

Year:  1841
Reference:  Acc.12011  
Description:  A letter, Glasgow 1841, of the artist John Alexander Gilfillan (1793-1863) to a potential purchaser of his pictures, to be sold by lottery, prior to his emigration to New Zealand.

Year:  1843
Reference:  Acc. 12978  
Description:  Title page of family bible belonging to the Brownlie family who emigrated to Australia, Circa 1843. Includes postmarked envelope, Geelong (Australia) and related genealogical papers.

Year:  1848.
Reference:  Acc.7117.  
Description:  Letter, 1848, of Miss [Margaret] McRitchie, Melbourne, to her father in North Queensferry , Fife: ( photocopy of the original in the State Library of Victoria, MS.10233.)

Year:  1849
Reference:  Acc. 13292  
Description:  Letter, 28 April 1849, of Isabella Taylor from Australia to her former colleagues and employer in Crieffvechter farm in Crieff, Perthshire, giving news about her voyage and impressions of Sydney.

Year:  1850-1900
Reference:  Acc. 12825  
Description:  Two letters, 1850 and 1865, copies of photographs of and other supporting documentation concerning John and Mary Salmond's emigration and settlement in Dunedin and the Otago district, New Zealand.

Year:  1851.
Reference:  Acc.7022.  
Description:  Photocopy of a letter, 1851, of James Morgan, Kooringa, South Australia, to an unidentified lady, his former employer in Scotland.

Year:  1852.
Reference:  Acc.6158.  
Description:  Journal, June-Oct. 1852, of the voyage of a Haddington man from Liverpool to Williamston, Victoria (Australia) and the Victorian goldfields, giving detailed descriptions of the voyage, life on board and the attitudes, conduct and occupations of the passengers.

Year:  1852-1869
Reference:  Acc.12100  
Description:  Correspondence of members of the Brown and Hoey families to their relatives in Dumfries and Glasgow from Bendigo, Melbourne, Eagle Hawk, and other places in Victoria, Australia, and to Australia from Turakina and Dunedin, New Zealand (1860, 1863-1864).

Year:  1853.
Reference:  Acc.7023.  
Description:  Photocopy of a Canadian agricultural census doc., 1853 [original in National Archives, Ottawa], completed by John Munro, Renfrew, Ontario, a native of Kincardine parish, Easter Ross.

Year:  1855-8.
Reference:  Acc.6738.  
Description:  Letters, 1855-68, of Jane Campbell, née Anderson, George, and James Anderson to parents and family in or near Dunbar, on their life and activities, written chiefly from Buenos Aries, Argentina, and ranches at Rincon de la Calera, Juangonzelos and Carmelo (Uruguay).

Year:  1856, 1884, 1901.
Reference:  Acc.7024.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters, 1856, 1884, of John and Margaret Macdonald, Mt. Greenock Creek, Ballarat, Victoria, to relatives in Rosshire; a postcard, 1901, from Philadelphia U.S.A.

Year:  1856.
Reference:  Acc.6880.  
Description:  Photographs of a letter, 1856, of Malcolm Beaton, a shepherd, near Portland, Victoria, Australia, to his uncle in Tarbert, Argyll.

Year:  1857-1867
Reference:  Acc. 13107  
Description:  Correspondence, 1857-1867, of John and Margaret Anderson, emigrants in Canada, to Jean Lindsay at Coupstepts, Powmill. Includes other miscellaneous correspondence, 1881, and notes on family history.

Year:  1858
Reference:  Acc. 13089  
Description:  Diary, March-September 1858, of Francis Goode Cuningham's journey from Australia to New Zealand and across the Otago district, with related newscuttings and two photographs.

Year:  1858-93, 1911.
Reference:  Acc.7025.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters and papers 1853-93, 1911 [some incomplete] received by the Morison family, Isle of Mull, from Grant relations in Prince Edward and Cape Breton Islands.

Year:  1859-60, 1874.
Reference:  Acc. .6879.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters, 1859-60, 1874, some incomplete, to Kenneth Morrison, British Columbia, from relatives in Barvas and North Tolsta, Isle of Lewis.

Year:  1860 - 2011
Reference:  Acc. 13283  
Description:  Letter, 1860, recommending James Marshall's suitability to emigrate to Otago, New Zealand, with family history notes and copies of photographs, 2011, relating to James Marshall.

Year:  1861.
Reference:  Acc.9560.  
Description:  Address of his friends to Alexander Hunter, surgeon, on his leaving Melbourne to visit Scotland, 1861.

Year:  1864
Reference:  Acc. 13090  
Description:  Copy of Cosmopolitan Gold Mining Company chart, c. 1864, from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, and some family history notes on the Mackintosh family.

Year:  1865-1866
Reference:  Acc. 12461  
Description:  Journal of a voyage from Glasgow to Buenos Aires in1865-1866.

Year:  1866.
Reference:  Acc.6869.  
Description:  Photocopies of a letter, 1866, of Rory Bowie, Howbeg, South Uist, to his sister, Catherine McIntyre, in Bomish, N.Middlesex Ontario; with associated documents.

Year:  1866.
Reference:  Acc.7027.  
Description:  Photocopies of a diary (typescript), 1866, of James McCorquodale, on voyage of settlement to Argentina.

Year:  1867-8.
Reference:  Acc.6133.  
Description:  Typescript copies of letters, 1867-8, of Alexander Berry, Sydney, New South Wales, pioneer merchant and landowner, to a school and college friend Rev. Dr. George Walker, minister of Kinkell, recalling youth in Cupar (Fife) and describing his business and political life, his Shoalhaven estate, and controversy with Dr. John Dunmore Lang.

Year:  1871 - 1884
Reference:  Acc. 13361  
Description:  Digital copies of ten letters of James, Robert and William Low of Forfar, Angus, relating to their emigration to the USA (New Jersey, Texas and Chicago), with transcriptions of the letters and family history notes. For access to this collection please contact Manuscripts & Archives Collections.

Year:  1874.
Reference:  Acc.5700.  
Description:  Diary, 1874, of Patrick Hamilton Drummond of a voyage from London to Melbourne in the ship 'Lord Warden'.

Year:  1874-8.
Reference:  Acc.7199 Box 7(1).  
Description:  Correspondence, 1874-81, of Gaven B. Newhall with his family in Kirkcudbrightshire, largely relating to his ranching activities in Oregon.

Year:  1875-81.
Reference:  Acc.8686.  
Description:  Letters, 1875-81, of Joseph Moore and sons, mechanical engineers at the Risdon Iron and Locomotive Works, San Francisco, to their brother and uncle, Ralph, in Rutherglen.

Year:  1877.
Reference:  Acc.9707.  
Description:  Photocopy of a letter of Margaret Goddard, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to her half brother in North Queensferry; with explanatory letter, 1981.

Year:  1878
Reference:  Acc. 12967  
Description:  Transcripts of records of migrant ship 'Canterbury' sailing from Glasgow in September 1878 to Otago, New Zealand. Originals are kept in the National Archives of New Zealand.

Year:  1878.
Reference:  Acc.10673.  
Description:  Journal of Alexander Kennedy kept during a voyage to South Australia as an emigrant.

Year:  1879.
Reference:  Acc.6937.  
Description:  Typescript copy of a diary [incomplete], 1879, of Charles McKelvie, Isca, near Campbeltown, Argyll, emigrant with his sister Agnes on S.S. 'Dunedin' to Port Chalmers, New Zealand.

Year:  1882-1926
Reference:  Acc. 6905, 7217  
Description:  Correspondence, papers and railway plans, 1882-1926, of David Angus (1855-1926), civil engineer, and his wife Nancy, née Wilson, and family, relating to his professional work on railway and harbour construction and other business interests in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay and management of a large mining company (the Arauco Co., Chile); and family correspondence, much relating (to 1909) to the Angus familys life in Chile.

Year:  1883
Reference:  Acc.12149  
Description:  Photocopy of the transcript of a journal of a voyage from Glasgow to Queensland, Australia, kept by Margaret Hinshelwood.

Year:  1884-1902.
Reference:  Acc.9002.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters (17) of George Anderson in the Falkland Islands and Patagonia, to his family at Innerleithen, 1884-1902.

Year:  1887-1920
Reference:  Acc.13540  
Description:  Letters and other papers of the Reid & King family regarding the First World War and emigration to Australia.

Year:  1887-8.
Reference:  Acc.6964.  
Description:  Photocopy of a diary, 1887-8, of John Fraser, Ballindalloch, Banffshire., on passage to Taihape, North Island, New Zealand.

Year:  1887-circa 1920
Reference:  Acc. 9031  
Description:  Copies of photographs, mostly by George Anderson, with a History of the life of George Anderson (in English) compiled by his son.

Year:  1888-9, 1896.
Reference:  Acc.6884.  
Description:  Letters, 1888-9, 1896, of Donald and Annie Macdonald, Kooringa, South Australia, to Archibald Macdonald Claddach Kirkibost, North Uist (photocopies of originals now in the State Library of South Australia).

Year:  1888-9.
Reference:  Acc.8922.  
Description:  Letters and biographical notes, 1888-9 of the Revs. Duncan Black Blair and Alexander Maclean Sinclair, Nova Scotia, relating to emigrants from Glen Urquhart, Invernesshire, to the Blue Mount/East River district of Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Year:  1888-95.
Reference:  Acc.7028.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters, 1888-95, of Alexander McRae, Oregon, to his family in Rosshire on his work and activities.

Year:  1889, 1894.
Reference:  Acc.7029.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters, 1888, 1894, of Alexander and Duncan Matheson, Hudson's Bay Co. officials, to their parents in Duirinish (Wester Ross); with a few related papers.

Year:  1891
Reference:  Acc. 13645  
Description:  Journal of James Robb’s emigration to Australia with related papers.

Year:  1895-8.
Reference:  Acc.6665.  
Description:  Photocopies of papers, 1895-8, of James Dodds, Dawson, Canada, including three letters to his parents in Dunfermline describing experiences as a miner in the Klondike goldfield; with a photograph of a group of miners.

Year:  1897.
Reference:  Acc.8866.  
Description:  The corrected manuscript of Hume Nisbet, The Swampers: A Romance of the Westralian Goldfields, 1897.

Year:  1899-1900.
Reference:  Acc.8840.  
Description:  Photocopies of letters (2, 1899 and 1900) of William J. ['Big Bear'] Maclean, Winnipeg, to his brother Duncan at Gisla, Uig, Isle of Lewis, on mining and prospecting ventures in N.W. Canada and current developments in the Dominon.

Year:  1901.
Reference:  Acc.9460.  
Description:  Photocopy of a diary, 1901, of the Rev. D. Macleod, during a temporary ministry among Isle of Lewis and other Gaelic - speaking emigrants in Megantic County, Quebec,

Year:  1902-1927
Reference:  Acc.13214  
Description:  Papers of Adam Elder (1879-1961) relating to his work as Sanitary Inspector in Port Glasgow and his emigration and settlement in Moulynning, Western Australia.

Year:  1908-1910
Reference:  Acc. 13113  
Description:  Correspondence, 1908-1910, of Dot and Biddy, emigrants in New Zealand, to Peggy Greig, with some related photographs.

Year:  1910-1982
Reference:  Acc. 12991  
Description:  Memoirs, Circa 1910s-1982, of Reverend Donald John Gillies (1901-1994)concerning life in the island of St. Kilda before the evacuation of the last residents to the mainland in 1930, his emigration to Canada and his pastoral work in Vancouver, Canada.

Year:  1911-1916, 1919
Reference:  Acc.10510.  
Description:  Letters of Margaret Auld Kennedy, librarian in Calgary, Alberta, to her family in Kilmarnock, 1911-1916, describing life and work in Canada; with journal of a revisit to Canada, 1919.

Year:  1914-1933
Reference:  Acc. 13102  
Description:  Correspondence, 1914-1933, of Jemima (Jimmie)Carrol nee Barr to Margaret Proudfoot Greig, concerning her life in Zimbabwe, with a photographic album, c. 1910s-1920s.

Year:  1917-1926
Reference:  Acc. 13114  
Description:  Correspondence, 1917-1926, of Chrissie Jamieson, emigrant in New Zealand, to Peggy Greig, with one related photograph.

Year:  1919.
Reference:  Acc.9567.  
Description:  Microfilm copy of Angus W. Maclean, 'History of the Scotch in North Carolina', 1919.

Year:  1920s-1936
Reference:  Acc. 13019  
Description:  Copies of photographs, 1920s-1936, of George and Jane Oliver, emigrants to New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada, and Chicago, USA.

Year:  1920s-1936
Reference:  Acc. 13020  
Description:  Copies of photographs, 1920s-1936, of George and Jane Oliver, emigrants to New Liskeard, Ontario, Canada, and Chicago, USA.

Year:  1921
Reference:  Acc. 12987/46-47  
Description:  Two diaries, May-September 1921, concerning Scottish Nationalist George Dott's life in Canada.

Year:  1922
Reference:  Acc. 12493  
Description:  Photocopy of a journal of Margaret Laing Whyte's voyage to New Zealand.

Year:  1924-1939.
Reference:  Acc.9407.  
Description:  Letters of Ernest Younger, Toronto, describing his life in Canada to his parents in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire.

Year:  1925-1972
Reference:  Acc. 13121  
Description:  Copies of emigration papers, c. 1900-1972, of Ernest Robb (1902-1972), emigrant to Fremantle, Australia, with related photographs. Includes an immigration identification card and a passenger's contract ticket.

Year:  1926
Reference:  Acc. 10865  
Description:  Typescript reminiscences, 1926, of W.M. Ogilvie of his life and work as an engineer in Chile.

Year:  1969.
Reference:  Acc.6853.  
Description:  Tape recording of a paper on 'Scottish Emigration to North America' read at the World Records Conference, 1969, by Donald Whyte FSA(Scot).

Year:  1974
Reference:  Acc.6212  
Description:  Typescript copy of a lecture by Miss H. Bieganska on Scots immigrants in Poland, 16th-18th centuries.

Year:  ca. 1820.
Reference:  Acc.9463.  
Description:  A play in Spanish entitled 'Los Emigrados de Escocia'.

Year:  ca. 1850-60.
Reference:  Acc.9754.  
Description:  Typescript memoirs of Jane B. Mack of childhood, mid 19th century, on a farm in Victoria, Australia. Also contains a map of the Berry Bank estate.