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Emigrants' Guides to North America

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Title  Where to emigrate: a handy guide to all the English colonies for intending emigrants
Publisher  London, [1882]
Date of Publication:  1882  
Shelfmark:  N.27.c

Author:  Americus
Title  Where to emigrate and why... by "Americus"
Publisher  London, 1869
Date of Publication:  1869  
Shelfmark:  1881.44(8)

Author:  Foster, Vere
Title  Work and wages; or, the penny emigrant's guide to the United States and Canada, for female servants, laborers, mechanics, farmers, &c. containing a short description of those countries, and most suitable places for settlement; rates of wages, board and lo
Publisher  London: W. & F. G. Cash; Manchester: Heywood; Norwich: J. Darken; Newcastle: Barkas; Liverpool: Shepherd; Glasgow: Gallie & Sons; Edinburgh: Menzies; Dublin: M'Glashan, Mason; York: J. Brown; Bristol: W.H. Cook; Birmingham: White & Pike, [1855]
Date of Publication:  1855  
Shelfmark:  Mf.Pres.35(10); 3.280(10)

Author:  Goddard, Frederick Bartlett
Title  Where to emigrate and why: describes the climate... in nearly all sections of the United States...
Publisher  New York: F.B. Goddard, 1869
Date of Publication:  1869  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (A-49,574-49,581)

Author:  Rawlings, Thomas
Title  What shall we do with the Hudson's Bay Territory?: colonize the "fertile belt", which contains forty millions of acres...
Publisher  London: A.H. Baily, 1866
Date of Publication:  1866  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (5,883-5,884)

Author:  Wiley, John & Putnam, George Palmer
Title  Wiley & Putnam's emigrant's guide: comprising advice and instruction in every stage of the voyage to America...
Publisher  London: Wiley & Putnam, 1845
Date of Publication:  1845  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (10,813-10,814)