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Title  Observations on the importance of the North American colonies to Great Britain, by an old inhabitant of British America
Publisher  London: John Murray, 1831
Date of Publication:  1831  
Shelfmark:  2.1072(7)

Title  Ottawa, the future capital of Canada: a description of the country; its resourcesa, trade, population, &c.; who are wanted; how to get there. Hints to emigrants. With an excellent view of the city
Publisher  London: Algar & Street; tweedie; Kent & Co., 1858
Date of Publication:  1858  
Shelfmark:  Mf.Pres.35(4); 3.280(4)

Author:  Fidler, Isaac
Title  Observations on professions, manners, and emigration, in the United States and Canada, made during a residence there in 1832
Publisher  London, 1833
Date of Publication:  1833  
Shelfmark:  K.186.d

Author:  MacGregor, John
Title  Observations on emigration to British America
Publisher  London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1829
Date of Publication:  1829  
Shelfmark:  Mf.Pres.16(2); 3.1072(3)

Author:  Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company
Title  Organization, objects, and plan of operations, of the Emigrant Aid Company; also, a description of Kansas, for the information of emigrant
Publisher  Boston, MA: Printed by A, Mudge & Son, 1854
Date of Publication:  1854  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (10,838)

Author:  Neilson, Joseph
Title  Observations upon emigration to Upper Canada: being the prize essay... from the Upper Canada Celtic Society
Publisher  Kingston, Ont.: Printed at the Office of the Chronicle and Gazette, 1837
Date of Publication:  1837  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (23,951)

Author:  Thornton, J. Quinn
Title  Oregon and California in 1848... including recent and authentic information... and other valuable matter of interest to the emigrant
Publisher  New York: Harper & Bros., 1849
Date of Publication:  1849  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (34,277-34,286)