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Emigrants' Guides to North America

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Author:  Bjarnason, M. J.
Title  Migrating to Canada: how to apply successfully for permanent residence
Publisher  Plymouth: How To Books, 1996
Date of Publication:  1996  
Shelfmark:  QP1.97.373

Author:  Church, Herbert E.
Title  Making a start in Canada: letters from two young emigrants [Herbert and Richard Church], with an introduction by Alfred J. Church
Publisher  London, 1889
Date of Publication:  1889  
Shelfmark:  E.135.e

Author:  Colton, Calvin
Title  Manual for emigrants to America
Publisher  London, 1832
Date of Publication:  1832  
Shelfmark:  E.137.g

Author:  Faux, W.
Title  Memorable days in America: being a journal of a tour to the United States, principally undertaken to ascertain, by positive evidence, the condition and probable prospects of British emigrants...
Publisher  London: W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1823
Date of Publication:  1823  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (A-12,132-12,143)

Author:  Faux, William
Title  Memorable days in America; being a journal of a tour to the United States, principally undertaken to ascertain by positive evidence the condition and probable prospects of British emigrants
Publisher  London, 1813
Date of Publication:  1813  
Shelfmark:  K.186.b

Author:  Great Britiain. Emigrants' Information Office
Title  Maryland: information for intending emigrants
Publisher  London: HMSO,1894
Date of Publication:  1894  
Shelfmark:  11.1894(17)

Author:  MacDougall, W.B.
Title  MacDougall's guide to Manitoba and the North-west: a concise compendium of valuable information, containing the latest facts and figures of importance to the emigrant, capitalist, speculator, and tourist, including the latest government maps and official
Publisher  Winnipeg?: W.B. MacDougall, 1880
Date of Publication:  1880  
Shelfmark:  APS.2.94.10

Author:  Minnesota. Secretary of State
Title  Minnesota as a home for immigrants: being the first and second prize essays awarded... pursuant to an act of the Legislature of the state of Minnesota, approved March 4, 1864
Publisher  St. Paul: [s.n.], 1865
Date of Publication:  1865  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (22,984)

Author:  O'Reilly, Henry
Title  Memorial of Henry O'Reilly: proposing a system of telegraphic & letter-mail communication between the Atlantic and the Pacific: including the protection of emigrants, the formation of settlements and the promotion of amicable relations with the Indians...
Publisher  [New York?: s.n., 1852]
Date of Publication:  1852  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (25,065)

Author:  Spence, Thomas
Title  Manitoba, and the north-west of the dominion: its resources and advantages to the emigrant and capitalist, as compared with the western states of America...
Publisher  Quebec: S. Marcotte, 1876
Date of Publication:  1876  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (8,048)