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Emigrants' Guides to North America

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Title  Illinois in 1837: a sketch descriptive of the situation... also, suggestions to emigrants...
Publisher  Philadelphia: S.A. Mitchell [etc.], 1837
Date of Publication:  1837  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (A-28,917-28,920)

Author:  Americanus, Scotus
Title  Informations concerning the province of North Carolina, addressed to emigrants fron the highlands and western isles of Scotland, by an impartial hand
Publisher  Glasgow: James Knox; Edinburgh: Charles Elliot, 1773
Date of Publication:  1773  
Shelfmark:  RB.s.1193(10)

Author:  Campbell, J.L.
Title  Idaho: six months in the new gold diggings: the emigrant's guide overland...
Publisher  Chicago: J.R. Walsh, 1864
Date of Publication:  1864  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (8,309)

Author:  Great Britain. Colonial Office
Title  Information for intending emigrants to the British Colonies
Publisher  London: HMSO, 1880
Date of Publication:  1880  
Shelfmark:  GCF.1/4

Author:  Great Britain. Colonial Office. Emigration Commission.
Title  Information for emigrants to the British Colonies, issued by H.M. Emigration Commissioners
Publisher  London: HMSO, 1870
Date of Publication:  1870  
Shelfmark:  21.1870(14)

Author:  Penn, William
Title  Information and direction to such persons as are inclined to America, more especially those related to the Province of Pensilvania
Publisher  [London?: s.n.], Re-printed in the year, 1686
Date of Publication:  1686  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (25,666)

Author:  Pickering, Joseph
Title  Inquiries of an emigant: being the narrative of an English farmer from the year 1824 to 1830...
Publisher  London: E. Wilson, 1832
Date of Publication:  1832  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (8,803-8,805)

Author:  Yates, Lucy Helen
Title  In camp and kitchen: a handy guide for emigrants and settlers, etc.
Publisher  London, 1912
Date of Publication:  1912  
Shelfmark:  T.116.i