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Title  British Columbia and Vancouver's Island: a complete hand-book, replete with the latest information concerning the newly-discovered gold fields
Publisher  London, 1858
Date of Publication:  1858  
Shelfmark:  Mf.Pres.35(12); 3.280(12)

Title  British Columbia, Canada's most westerly province: its position, advantages, resources and climate; new fields for mining, farming and ranching along the lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway; information for prospectors, miners and intending settlers
Publisher  1899
Date of Publication:  1899  
Shelfmark:  AP.2.81.12

Title  British provinces in North America: liberal encouragement by His Majesty's Government to settlers... from Great Britain and Ireland, and provisions... for their passage to Quebec with their families [poster]
Publisher  Edinburgh, 1815
Date of Publication:  1815  
Shelfmark:  L.C.Folio.79.(p.12.)

Author:  Bacon, George Washington
Title  Bacon's guide to America for the capitalist, tourist, or emigrant...
Publisher  London: G. W. Bacon and Co., 1870
Date of Publication:  1870  
Shelfmark:  3.2156

Author:  Macgregor, John
Title  British America
Publisher  Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1832
Date of Publication:  1832  
Shelfmark:  Mc.3 (A-71,234-71,240)

Author:  McGregor, John
Title  British America
Publisher  Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1833
Date of Publication:  1833  
Shelfmark:  ABS.3.77.50

Author:  Snow, W. Parker
Title  British Columbia, emigration, and our colonies, considered practically, socially, and politically
Publisher  London: Piper, Stephenson, and Spence, 1858
Date of Publication:  1858  
Shelfmark:  Mf.Pres.35(11); 3.280(11)