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Emigrants' Guides to Australia and New Zealand

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Author:  Bowie, John
Title  Notes on Australia, for the information of intending emigrants
Publisher  (Edinburgh: printed at the University Press, 1837)
Dates of Coverage:  1837  
Shelfmark:  [RB.s.676]

Author:  Jameson, R.G.
Title  New Zealand, South Australia, and New South Wales: a record of recent travels in these colonies, with especial reference to emigration and the advantageous employment of labour and capital
Publisher  (London, 1842)
Dates of Coverage:  1842  
Shelfmark:  [NE.94.e.13]

Title  New South Wales, as it was, as it is, and as it will be, or, Colonial dreams... by the hermit in Australia
Publisher  (Carnarvon: printed by James Rees, 1846)
Dates of Coverage:  1846  
Shelfmark:  [Mf.Pres.36(7); 3.1070(7)]

Author:  Lang, John Dunmore
Title  Narrative of proceedings in England, Scotland and Ireland during the years 1847, 1848 and 1849: with a view to originate an extensive and continuous immigration of a superior character from the United Kingdom into this territory
Publisher  (Sydney: printed by D.L. Welch, 1850)
Dates of Coverage:  1850  
Shelfmark:  [APS.2.97.14]

Author:  Berry, John
Title  New Zealand as a field for emigration. With map
Publisher  (London, 1879)
Dates of Coverage:  1879  
Shelfmark:  [1879.19(17)]

Author:  Bathgate, John
Title  New Zealand: its resources and prospects, by John Bathgate, District Judge, Dunedin
Publisher  (London & Edinburgh: W. & R. Chambers, 1880)
Dates of Coverage:  1880  
Shelfmark:  [1880.39(7)]

Author:  Johnson, Frederic E.
Title  New South Wales, and how to get there: an emigrant's guide to Australia, via the Cape of Good Hope, under the auspices of the New South Wales government
Publisher  (London, 1886)
Dates of Coverage:  1886  
Shelfmark:  [1886.12(15)]

Title  New Zealand. Lands and Survey Department: The settler's handbook of New Zealand, compiled by the direction of ... the Minister of Lands
Publisher  (Wellington, 1902)
Dates of Coverage:  1902  
Shelfmark:  [S.1.f]

Title  New Zealand. Lands and Survey Department: The immigrants' guide and settlers' handbook
Publisher  (Wellington, 1906)
Dates of Coverage:  1906  
Shelfmark:  [S.1.b]

Title  New Zealand. Lands and Survey Department: The New Zealand settlers' handbook, etc.
Publisher  (Wellington, 1911)
Dates of Coverage:  1911  
Shelfmark:  [S.1.d]