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Emigrants' Guides to Australia and New Zealand

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Author:  Ward, John
Title  Information relative to New-Zealand, compiled for the use of colonists
Publisher  (2nd ed. London: John W. Parker, 1840; repr.Christchurch: Capper Press, 1975)
Dates of Coverage:  1840  
Shelfmark:  [H3.77.3991]

Author:  Lang, John Dunmore
Title  Immigration: the grand desideratum for New South Wales and how to promote it effectually
Publisher  (Sydney: T. Richards, 1870)
Dates of Coverage:  1870  
Shelfmark:  [Mf.82(7)]

Author:  Yates, Lucy Helen
Title  In camp and kitchen: a handy guide for emigrants and settlers, etc.
Publisher  (London, 1912)
Dates of Coverage:  1912  
Shelfmark:  [T.116.i]