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Emigrants' Guides to Australia and New Zealand

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Author:  Chisholm, Mrs.
Title  Comfort for the poor! meat three times a day!: voluntary information from the people of New South Wales collected by Mrs. Chisholm in 1845-46
Publisher  (London: John Ollivier, 1847)
Dates of Coverage:  1847  
Shelfmark:  [PSNC.35(15)]

Author:  Lang, John Dunmore
Title  Cooksland in North-Eastern Australia; the future cottonfield of Great Britain: its characteristics and capabilities for European colonization
Publisher  London, 1847
Dates of Coverage:  1847  
Shelfmark:  E.145.e

Author:  Cassell, John
Title  Cassell's emigrants' handbook: being a guide to the various fields of emigration in all parts of the globe... to which is added, a guide to the gold fields of Australia...
Publisher  (London: John Cassell..., 1852)
Dates of Coverage:  1852  
Shelfmark:  [3/281]

Author:  Harrison, Robert
Title  Colonial sketches, or, Five years in South Australia; with hints to capitalists and emigrants
Publisher  (London, 1862)
Dates of Coverage:  1862  
Shelfmark:  [E.138.e]

Author:  Stigand, Captain & Mrs C. H.
Title  Cooking for the settler and trekker
Publisher  (London, [1915])
Dates of Coverage:  1915  
Shelfmark:  [T.113.i]

Author:  Lillingston, Charles A.G.
Title  Conditions of bush life: a squatter's advice
Publisher  ([London, 1917])
Dates of Coverage:  1917  
Shelfmark:  [5.286]

Author:  Pringle, Patrick
Title  Complete guide to emigration
Publisher  (London: W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd, [1957])
Dates of Coverage:  1957  
Shelfmark:  [5.1973]