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Rare Book Collections works to build up the national collections through purchases (through dealers or at auction) and donations. This directory gives details of around 1080 of the most important items we have acquired since 2000. We update it regularly as new material comes in. The description gives information about why it was chosen and what makes it particularly interesting. You can order the list by date of acquisition, date of publication, author or title.

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Title Author Publication date Acquisition date Shelfmark
[Keizai setsuyaku] = The compendium of political economy 1869 23/06/23 RB.s.3090
Bairai yukon = Ivanhoe Walter Scott 1886 23/06/23 AB.1.223.33-34
Exercitia mathematica Hugh Semple 1642 23/06/23 RB.s.3089
The young soldier's amusement: consisting of some remarks on the theory and discipline of war, and the duties of a military life An Officer of the Army 1744 02/06/23 RB.s.3088
Caution to parents. Is the Bible indiscriminately, a fit and proper school book for youth? 1843 19/05/23 RB.s.3086(1)
Een duydelijcke verclaringhe vande gantse Openbaringe Ioannis des apostels Napier, John 1607 17/05/23 RB.s.3018
Arcanum supputationis arithmeticae Napier, John 1658 17/05/23 RB.s.3020
Raddologia, ouero arimmetica virgolare in due libri diuisa Napier, John 1623 17/05/23 RB.s.3019
A Choice of Emblemes and other Devises Whitney, Geoffrey 1586 17/05/23 RB.s.3036
Accademia di lettere, e d'arti cavalleresche, celebrata in Roma, per lo nascimento del serenissimo Principe di Wallia... 1688 05/05/23 RB.l.332
Abhandlung über die Colonien überhaupt und die Amerikanischen besonders Adam Smith 1779 05/05/23 RB.s.3084
The tragic death of the Rev. A. H. Mackonochie & The storming of the Dargai Heights William McGonagall 1887 and 1897 05/05/23 AP.5.223.10 and AP.3.223.14
A volume of 14 works of poetry, drama and criticism, largely printed at Edinburgh in the early 18th century Various 1704- 05/05/23 RB.s.3080(1-14)
Paradise regain'd [with] Milton John Milton 1759 [and] 1816 05/05/23 RB.m.821(1-2)
Researches concerning the laws, theology, learning, commerce etc. of ancient and modern India Quintin Craufurd 1817 05/05/23 RB.s.3078-79
The vampire; or, Bride of the Isles: a tale, founded on the popular superstition of Caledonia 1821? 05/05/23 RB.s.3083
Thaddeus of Warsaw Jane Porter 1803 31/03/23 RB.s.3075
Titi Livii Patavini historiarum ab urbe condita libri qui supersunt Titus Livy 1751 17/02/23 AB.1.223.13
Disputatio juridica, ad tit. XIX. lib. XLVIII. Digest. De poenis George Joseph Bell 1791 10/02/23 Bdg.m.186
For the use of the enemies of England William Playfair 1796 27/01/23 RB.s.3072
Facts relative to the conduct of the war in the West Indies Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville 1796 20/01/23 RB.m.819
The accidents of childhood, narrated in short stories, calculated to deter youth from similar actions D. Richmond circa 1820 20/01/23 AB.1.223.10
[Advertising poster for George MacDonald’s novel Lilith] Dodd, Mead & Co. [1895] 09/12/22 AP.7.222.42
The Psalms of David in metre. 1722 25/11/22 Bdg.s.1003
Ode sur la rebellion de 1745. Matthew Maty [1746] 18/11/22 RB.s.3070
Esquisses de l'histoire, de la religion, des sciences et des moeurs des Indiens. Quintin Craufurd 1791 18/11/22 RB.s.3030-3031
A defence of usury … to which is added, a letter to Adam Smith, Esq. L.L.D. on the discouragement of inventive industry. Jeremy Bentham 1796 18/11/22 RB.s.3029
The privateer; a tale in two volumes. Anon. 1821 18/11/22 AB.1.222.75-76
Aberdeen portraits, no. 1 + List of stereoscopic, album, cabinet and imperial views. George Washington Wilson 1857 and 1873 18/11/22 98 + AP.1.222.38
Reis in de binnenlanden van Afrika. Hugh Clapperton and Richard Lander 1830-1831 21/10/22 AB.2.222.38
An essay on the ancient and modern use of armories; shewing their origin, definition, and division of them into their several species. Alexander Nisbet 1718 14/10/22 RB.m.815
Thoughts on general gravitation, and views thence arising on the state of the Universe. Alexander Wilson 1777 30/09/22 RB.m.814
Perth’s true almanack; or, a new prognostication for the year of our Lord 1719. Anon. 1719 30/09/22 RB.s.3027
The life and strange surprizing adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner. Daniel Defoe 1719 16/08/22 RB.s.3044
Volume of eleven late 18th and early 19th century poems and chapbooks printed in Scotland. Anon. 1790 12/08/22 AB.1.222.62(1-11)
Collection of songs, glees etc. Nos 9-10. Anon. 1825 12/08/22 AP.3.222.20-21
An improvement in the mode of administering the vapour bath. Basil Cochrane 1809 05/08/22 AB.8.222.9
Examples of the engraved portraiture of the sixteenth century. William Stirling Maxwell 1872 22/07/22 RB.el.47
Journal historique de la campagne du capitaine Thurot, sur les cotes d'Ecosse & d'Irlande, en 1757 & 1758. Anon. 1760 22/07/22 AB.1.222.54
Issledovaniia o prirode i prichinakh bogatstva narodov s primechaniiami Bentama, Blanki, Bukhanana, Garn'e, Mak-Kulokha, Mal-tusa, Millia, Rikardo, Seia, Sismondi I Tirgu [ Inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations, translated by P. A. Bibikov] 3 vols Adam Smith 1866 22/07/22 RB.s.3023-3025
The weavers index, or, The weavers sure guide, being a ready help to them. David and John Diston 1777 08/07/22 RB.s.3022
Two chapters of a celebrated French work, intitled, De l'esprit des loix: translated into English. Charles Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu 1750 08/07/22 RB.s.3016
A vindication of the true art of self-defence. With a proposal to the Honourable Members of Parliament, for erecting a court of honour in Great Britain. William Hope 1729 24/06/22 RB.s.3021
The China Magazine, a Weekly Miscellany, Illustrated with Photographs, Conducted by C. Langdon Davies. Midsummer Volume [vol. 1] C. Langdon Davies, John Thomson 1868 10/06/22
Aristotle’s secret of secrets contracted;being the sum of his advice to Alexander the Great, about the preservation of health and government. Anon. 1719 20/05/22 RB.s.3017
Prize dissertation, which was honored with the Magellanic Gold Medal, by the American Philosophical Society, January, 1793. Cadmus: or A treatise on the elements of written language … With an essay on the mode of teaching the surd or deaf, and consequently dumb, to speak William Thornton 1793 06/05/22 RB.s.3026
Historia de Inglaterra, desde la invasion de Julio Cesar hasta el fin del reinado de Jacobo II (ano de J. C. 1689) [History of England] David Hume 1842-1845 06/05/22 RB.m.809-813
The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments. 1695 18/03/22 Bdg.s.994-995
Switzerland: illustrated in a series of views. William Beattie 1836 11/03/22 RB.m.808
Awful murder and Melancholy accident. [Two Glasgow-printed broadsides] Anon. 1827 18/02/22 AP.4.222.3 & AP.4.222.4