Important acquisitions

Rare Book Collections works to build up the national collections through purchases (through dealers or at auction) and donations. This directory gives details of around 900 of the most important items we have acquired since 2000. We update it regularly as new material comes in. The description gives information about why it was chosen and what makes it particularly interesting. You can order the list by date of acquisition, date of publication, author or title.

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Title Author Publication date Acquisition date Shelfmark
The advice of a friend, to the army and people of Scotland. Harper, William 1745 20/04/18
A key for filling up the blanks in a pamphlet lately published, intitled, The fatal consequences of ministerial influence, &c. Grange, James Erskine, Lord 1736 20/04/18
Melanges de la litterature angloise, traduits par Madame B****. [David Hume, Samuel Johnson et al.] 1759 14/12/17 RB.s.2946
Holy Bible + Psalms + Translations and paraphrases 1790 01/12/17 Bdg.s.967-968
Ane Fruitfull Meditatioun contening ane plane and facile expositioun of ye 7.8.9 and 10 versis of the 20 Chap. of the Revelatioun in forme of ane sermone James VI 1588 24/11/17 RB.s.2945(2)
Newcastle, Friday, 6 o'clock P. M. June 23, 1815 ... accounts of the greatest victory ever obtained. [John Marjoribanks] 1815 10/11/17 AP.1.218.07
Smuaintin cudthromach, mu bhas agus fhulangas ar Slanui'-fhir. Donall Caimbeul [Daniel Campbell] 1786 10/11/17 AP.1.218.05
A letter to the Right Hon. Spencer Percival [sic]. Isabella Cunningham, Countess of Glencairn 1812 10/11/17 AP.3.218.01
Description of Heathcoat's steam plough. Ambrose Blacklock 1837 10/11/17 AP.1.218.01
Plan of a dispensary for the benefit of the industrious poor within the district of Jedburgh. [Anon] 1807 13/10/17 AP.3.217.14
De rerum natura, libri VI Lucretius 1570 06/10/17 Bdg.m.179
A legendarie conteining an ample discourse of the life and behaviour of Charles Cardinal of Lorraine, and of his brethren, of the house of Guise La Planche, Louis Régnier de 1577 06/10/17 RB.s.2942
Esquisses historiques de chronologie, suivies d'un cours d' astronomie. C.P. Buquet 1839 29/09/17 AB.1.217.147
The steam-boat traveller's remembrancer; containing poems descriptive of the principal watering places, &c. visited by the steam-boats from Glasgow, including intermediate places. William Harriston 1828 25/09/17 AP.1.217.64
The new picture book: being pictorial lessons on form, comparison, and number, for children under seven years of age. Nicholas Bohny 1858 01/09/17 RB.m.774
What led to the discovery of the source of the Nile. John Hanning Speke 1864 01/09/17 RB.s.2941
Apostolicum symbolum, decalogus [+ 9 other items]. [Anon] 1713 25/08/17 RB.s.2944(10)
De trenne foersta boeckerne om coniske sectionerne. Robert Simson. 1764 18/08/17 AB.2.217.37
Koenigliche Schauspiele. Freitag, den 8. October 1824. Im Schauspielhause: Kenilworth. [Anon] [1824] 18/08/17 AP.6.217.07
The execution of James Graham, Marquis of Montrose. William McGonagall [1894-1902] 18/08/17 AP.4.217.04
The golden bough James Frazer 1890 18/08/17 RB.s.2939(2)-2940
The Sunyassee, an eastern tale; and other poems. James Hutchinson 1838 18/08/17 AB.2.217.39
Poyaisian land grant. 500 acres : Class G. No. ... grant of 100 acres. [Gregor MacGregor] 1834 28/07/17 AP.7.217.04
Directions for using Clark's pocket microscope. John Clark [1773] 14/07/17 AP.3.217.09
The golden lyre. Specimens of the poets of England, France, Germany and Italy. John Macray (ed.) 1829-30 14/07/17 AB.1.217.138-139
The state of Kelso Dispensary; from October 1, 1816, to October 1, 1823; the last being the 46th year of the institution. [Anon] 1823 14/07/17 AP.3.217.12
The life and work of David Livingstone missionary and explorer. [Anon] 1913? 07/07/17 RB.s.2938
Thoughts on emigration, and on the Canadas. Charles Shirreff. 16/06/17 9130241
A defence of the Scots settlement at Darien. Philo-Caledon 1699 02/06/17 AB.1.217.135
On Monday first will appear "The Merry Elector". s.n. [1857?] 19/05/17 AP.el.217.01
Journal of a recent visit to the principal vineyards of Spain and France James Busby 1834 05/05/17 RB.s.2935
[Collection of printed and manuscript material relating to a dinner held in honour Provost William Bailey] [William Bailey] 1848 29/04/17 Bdg.m.178
C. P de G R. de la G = B. &c., A tous les rois, princes, republiques, &c. ... C. P of W R of Gr. Br. &c. To all kings, princes, republiques, &c.. [Charles Edward Stuart] 1748 29/04/17 AP.6.217.02
Ausfuehrliches Leben und besondere Schiksale eines wilden Knaben "Dr Milsintown" 1759 29/04/17 AP.1.217.28
The sword's-man: containing a series of observations on the use of the sword John Ferdinand 1788 22/04/17 RB.s.2933
Observations of the management of flax from the field to the heckle. [Anon] 1784 22/04/17 RB.s.2937
A comparative view of the state and faculties of man with those of the animal world. John Gregory Printed for J. Dodsley 22/04/17 AB.1.217.121
Thomas Dryburgh's dream: a story of the sick children's hospital. Annie S. Swan 1886 22/04/17 AB.2.217.27
God's judgements against sin: or, a relation of three dreadful fires happening in the city of Edinburgh James Porterfield 1702 22/04/17 RB.s.2936
The red-breast, a tale [Anon] 1787? 07/04/17 AP.1.217.27
Quicksands Julie de Gerschau 1888 17/02/17 AB.1.217.105
Here's to the Heather. Poems and Songs. Hector MacPherson 1896 10/02/17 AB.2.217.26
The Maniac [&] The Chevalier’s Lament, After the battle of Culloden. Rushton, Edward & Burns, Robert. 1800? 09/01/17 AP.6.217.01
[Ballantyne's Miscellany set] Ballantyne, R.M. 1886 06/01/17 AB.1.217.98
[Specimen of miniature lithographic printing by the lithographic printer James Miller of Glasgow] James Miller 1828 06/01/17 AP.1.217.20
Fighting the flames: a tale of the London fire brigade R.M. Ballantyne 1867 16/12/16 AB.1.217.91
Infancy, or The management of children: a didactic poem in four books. 4th edition. Downman, Hugh. 1788 16/12/16 AB.1.217.85
Nouveaux melanges de poesies grecques, auxquels on a joint deux morceaux de litterature angloise. [Miscellaneous] 1779 16/12/16 AB.2.217.19(1)
The illustrious and renowned history of the seven famous champions of Christendom. Richard Johnson 1772 12/12/16 RB.s.2931
Honour on crutches William Brown 1822 11/11/16 AP.2.217.01