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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Lowland Lovers'




Come all you Lowland lovers, and listen to my song,
A sad and dismal story, I will not keep you long ;
Concerning a poor unhappy girl, distracted in her mind,
All for a brisk young sailor, no comfort can she find.

The lad that I love dearly, he is proper, tall, and clean,
He is the fairest sailor boy that ever I have seen,
He is proper, and tall, he is genteel, has no deluding tongue,
His modesty enchanted me, my dear when I was young,

I kept my darlings company for tetter than three years,
He vowed that I would be his own, I own I loved him dear,
But now he has gone and left me, I cannot tell you where,
He is serving her Majesty on board of a man-of-war.

But a bunch of green laurel for my love I will prepare,         
A bunch of green laurel all for his sake I'll wear,
For green it is for sorrow, and red it is for joy,
And for evermore I will adore my darling sailor boy.

When I go to church on Sunday, my eyes with tears do blind,
When I think on my own sweetheart so loyal and so kind,
It's oftentimes I think on him, he never thinks on me,
And It's O that I had one hour of my loves company.

It is not to hills or mountains that I do make my moan,
It is unto the bonny boy my mind is fixed upon,
It is ofentimes I think on him, he never thinks on me,
And It's O that I had one half hour of my loves company.

Had I Lords, Dukes, or Earls, my husband for to be,
Or if I had all the riches that my two eyes could see,
I would never wed another man, I'll tell you the reason why.
All for his sake that's far at sea. a maid I'll live and die,


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Probable period of publication: 1830-1850   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(208)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Lowland Lovers'
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