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Broadside entitled 'Lament of Peter Mclean, now lying under the Sentence of Death'


Lament of Peter M'Lean, now
lying under the Sentence of


Come all kind hearted Christians, likewise my comrades dear,
Unto my lamentation l pray you lend an car ;
I am a poor unfortunate man, I've brought myself to shame,
By straying in the ways of vice, myself I have to blame.

My name it is Peter M'Lean near Bathgate town l wrought,
But for to die upon a tree, alas ! I never thought ;
By drink and evil passions quite hardened I had grown,
Until poor Maxwell's life I took, I am sorry for to own.

'Twas on the 16th of November, alas ! I mind the day,
That unto Bathgate we all went, for I had got my pay :
A spite at Maxwell I had took, that day I met him there,
Although he never did me harm I solemnly declare.

The wicked thought came on me, his precious life I'd have,
On the road home I him o'ertook, for none was there to save ;
I instantly did stab him, I thought I might get free,
But for that horrid deed I'm doom'd, to die ; upon the tree.

On the 2nd day of Febuary, I must resign my breath,
But oh, my mind is sore perplexed, to die that shameful death;
The awful hour is drawing nigh, my days they are but few,
Unto the laws I must comply, this world to bid adieu.

There is none can know ray horrid thoughts, while sitting   in
my cell.
The world I would freely give, that deed for to recall;
But since I've done the awful deed, my life for it must pay,
May heaven have mercy on my soul, good Christians for me

The evils of my former life, alas ! I plainly see,
Drinking evil passions, keeping bad company;
Now all young men take warning, by my untimely fate,
And shun those evil practises before it is too late

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Probable date published: 1857   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(205)
Broadside entitled 'Lament of Peter Mclean, now lying under the Sentence of Death'
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