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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Ghost of Benjamin Binns'






Keep your seat if you please, and don't be afraid,
I am only a ghoast, a poor harmless   shade;
I would not hurt any one here if I could,
And you could't do me much harm if you would,
Knives will not stab me shots through me fly,
But oh! the experiment please do not try;
It's not for yself that I care not at all,   
I' m afraid you might damage the wall


I'm the ghost of John James Christophe
Benjamin Binns
I was cut down right in the midst of my sins
For my home is down below,
I'm let out for an hour or   sow
When the cock begins to crow,
Farewell Benjamin Binns.

When I lived on this earth my wife often said-
If I should die first she'd never get wed;
To night I called on her, through key-holes crept,
It ghoast could shed tears I'm sure I'd have wept;
A man held my wife in a tender embrace.
She called him her hubhy, he'd take my place;
To make matters worse, and to crown all my woes.
The fellow wearing my best Sunday cloathes.

Spoken?The gas was full on-she could not see me, but I
was determined she should hear me I said---"Hold! mort-
al peace of fiesh." She shrieked and held the mantel-piece.
Then I in sepulchral tones said?
                                I'm the Ghost, &c.

I'll try to forget my fals hearted wife,
And give you a plan of my present life.
I get good engagements, with cash in advance
Attending the Spiritualist's midnight seance.
I rap at the tables and kick up such scenes.
I ring clanging bells and bang tambourines,
If Maskeylyne says "Ghosts are hosh," he is wrong,
For if he comes near me , he'll smell spirits quite strong.

Printed by W. Shepherd, Overgate, Dundee.

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Probable period of publication: 1880-1900   shelfmark: RB.m.143(141)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Ghost of Benjamin Binns'
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