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Broadside regarding the execution of David Myles



Words and Confession

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Who was Executed for Incest, at Edinburgh, on
the 27 Day of November, 1702.

DAvid Myles, having commited Incest with his Sister Margaret Myles, both
were Condemn'd to be Hanged : the Woman upon the Twentieth and the
Man upon the twenty Seventh of November, She Dyed very obduredly and
Obstinately, and gave little or no satisfaction to the Spectators ; But he (a
young man, not 2o years) dyed very Seriously and Christianly; for when
he was brought to the place of Execution, Mr. James Heart Exhorted to Re-
pentance, and now at his last Hour to confess, what he had to say, concerning
his Crime before the People. Whereupon he went to the Eastern end of the

scaffold, and said, Good People, give ear a while, I now confess before you
all, That I was a very bad Liver, and a great Sabbath breaker, and not only a
Sabbath breaker, but also a Swearer and Blasphemer of the Holy Name of GOD;
and Guilty both of Incest and Fornication. I got a very ill Example from my
Parents; Therefore I desire all you that are Parents to give a good Copy to
your Children and desire that you would all pray to GOD for me; Where-
upon the Auditors cryed out, Lord have Mercy upon his Soul ; And Mr. Heart
Prayed to this purpose, viz. That God would give him a sight of his Sins, and
open a Door of Mercy to him and that the infinit Goodness might speedily pre-
vent him, &c. Then he sung the first 4 Verses of the 51 Psalm : which being
done, he went to the Western end of the Scaffold, and earnesily prayed to GOD,
to pardon all his sins, to wash him, and cleanse him from all his Iniquities, thro-
his mercy, and with the Blood of Jesus Christ his Saviour: and that he was un-
worthy to come before so holy a GOD, for he was a great Sinner and Transgres-
sor: His Sins were great and many, but tho' he was weary and heavy laden, yet
hoped he would find Rest; and tho' his Body suffered upon the Gibbet, yet he
hoped his soul would go to Glory, &c. Then he went up the Ladder, and weep-
ing sore, entreated the Spectators to take warning by him, and avoid Sin, left
they fall in the same snare. Then he said, O ye that are Parents of Children,
God grant ye may cast them a better Copy than ever I got; And all ye that are
young folk, who have your Years before your hands, seek God, and fly all Sin,
for one Sin brings on another O all of you that see me this day, Take warning
by me, and put up your petitions to God for me. Then Mr Heart prayed ear-
nestly for him again ; who, when be had done, enquired at him if he was wil-
ing to dye ? He answe ed, Ay, ay, I am very willing: my Offence is great, very
great: I do not deserve nor desire to live, for I deserve both Torment here, and
Torment hereafter : I am very weary of my Sins. Being enquired at, if he
thought his Sentence just? or if he pardoned the Judges? He answered, My
Sentence is very Just, I forgive the Judges, and all the World, and God forgive
them. Mr. Heart asked him, what hope he had of his going to Heaven, or which,
of the promises of the Bible he could lippen to, or rely upon. He answered, ma-
ny, many, but the particular places do not Strik me in the mind, at present,
Mr. Heart said, you told me in prison, of that in the 11 of Matthew, Came un-
to me all ye that Labour, and are heavy Laden,and I will give you rest. whereupon
he said, I indeed am in Labour, and am heavy laden, but I hope God will give
me rest, and receive my Soul in Glory He confessed again, that he had been a
great Sabbath breaker : After which Mr.Heart recommended him to GOD.

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Date of publication: 1702   shelfmark: 6.314(37)
Broadside regarding the execution of David Myles
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