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Broadside ballad entitled 'Will-o'-the-Wisp'



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When night's dark mantle has covered all

I come in fire arrayed ;
Many a victim I've seen fall,
                  Or fly from me dismay'd.

Will-o'-the-wisp ! they trembling cry,

Will-o'-the-wisp ! 'tis he !
To mark their fright as off they fly
Is merry sport for me.

I dance, I dance, I'm here, I'm there,
Who tries to catch me catches but air ;
   The mortal who follows me follows in vain,
For I laugh, ha ! ha ! I laugh, ho ! ho !
I laugh at their folly and pain.

Many a traveller I deceive,

And with their parting breath
I hear them call in vain for help,

And dance round them in death.
Will-o'-the-wisp ! they trembling cry,

Will-o'-the wisp ! 'tis he !
To mark their shriek as they sink and die

Is merry sport for me.                              

                                              I dance, &c.

\ill\ Songs sent to any part of the country on receipt of
postage stamps for the number required, along with an
extra stamp to ensure a free return per post.   Immediate
Despatch may be relied upon.


Lass for a chap that's shy

Tin-Pot Mary

Beautiful Nell

Charming lovely Rose

British working-man

Out on the spree            

Dying gold-digger

Chronie o' mine

As round the ring she goes

Noisy swell

Worn-out tile

Nod your head

Bridgeton weaver               

Hankie Pankie

Jim, the carter lad

I always say I'm single

Jessie Henderson, or the

Scotch mist

Broken-hearted shepherd
She'd a black and rolling eye
Miss Molloy
Parkhead weaver
Organ grinder
Ill-used organ man
Railway porter
Nil desperandum
Poor little Jim
Bauldie, come hame
Boys that carry the hod
Champagne Charlie
On board the Kangaroo
Tho sugar shop
German band
Married to a mermaid
Beloved eye
Slap bang   

Five and twenty shillings a


Sequel to Bauldie, come hame
Sandstone girl
Game at cards, or catch the


The nose
Poor Mr Wood
Fire, fire, fire
Jones' musical party
Kiss me, mother, ere I die
Star of Slaine
Just before the battle,mother
Susan's Sunday out
Susan's Sunday in
Riding on a donkey
Motto for every man
Bound for the harvest
Joe Muggins the farmer
Happy uncle Joe
Dashing Navvigator
Auld Robin the laird
Sal and Methusalam
Six magnificent bricks
The widower that leeves on

our stair

Two in the morning
Wearing o' the green
Wee Joukeydaidles
Young man dressed in red
Oor wee Kate
Pat and the whale
My bonnie wee wifie and I
Auld Robin the laird
Merry old Uncle Joe
Nanny that leeves next door

Saturday morning, May 1. 1869.

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Date of publication: 1869   shelfmark: L.C.1269(159a)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Will-o'-the-Wisp'
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