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Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Way of Gaberlunyman'


The New way of Gaberlunyman.

To it's own proper New Tune,

ONce in a Morning Sweet and Fair,
as I went forth to take the Air,
I spip'd a Nimph without Compare,
was following the Gaberlunyman.

I thought it had DIAN A been,
Or Nell of Troy that I had seen,
I ask'd at her what she did mean,
by following the Gaberlounyman?

A Couucill of the GOD's above,
they all Convined and did aprove,
They all agreed that I should Love,
and follow the Gaberlunyman.

Although his Robes be not so fyne,
his Grace and Face appears Divine
Although I were of Europe Queen
I'de follow the Gaberlunyman.

Altho' he's not at my Command,
Ple Foot the Alpes and the trade Sand
Since I am bound in mutuall Bond,
to follow the Gaberlunanyman,

I hope to see my Love again
altho I am lest to Sigh and moan
Ple sell my Gown of Satian Green
for my own Gaber lunyman.

More fine then the Pole Starr above    .
On which th'uncertain Earth doth move
I've fix'd my Heart I'll constant prove
to my dear Gaberlunzie Man.

In Spight of amours, in Spight of Fate'
in Spight of those that do him hate,

My flaming Love shall never abate
from my dear Gaberluazie Man.

When first I heard and read long since,
He was by Birth a noble prince.
Pity,my Heart did soon convince,
to love the Gaberlunzie Man.

But Oh! when first his Mind he told,
he askt me for his Bride behold:
My virgin Blushes could not hold
from loving the Gaberlunzy Man.

In Extessy of Love I grew,
I long'd, I sight'd, I ran, I flew:
My Heart did burn like Wine that's new,
to my dear Gaberlunzy Man.

Tho' Cruelty does now combine
to stop such heavenly Bless like mine,
My tender Years could ne're decline
from my dear Gaberlunzy Man

With him in tranced Joys I live
I ease his Cares, he does not grieve;
Just Heavens may once us both relieve,
and bless my Gaberlunzy Man.

All Prophets tell this happy Year
will put an End to all Dispair,
Make Rivells from Earth to disappear,
and love my Gaberlunzy Man.

Ne're match with Rogues to your Dis-
take Caveliars into their Place, grace
Then we'll bring forth a happy Race,
to my dear Gaberlunzy Man.


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Probable date published: 1719   shelfmark: RB.I.106(107)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The New Way of Gaberlunyman'
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