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Broadside regarding the Jacobite attack on Francis Hoar's house, London


A Full and prticular Account of five
Men that were executed at London,
for raising a dreadful Mob, in the
Behalf of the Pretender.

S I R,

Every honest Man is sensible how unjustly the Rebellious Faction complains of
Cruelty, when any of their Number is punished according to Law, for such
Crimes as in all civiliz'd Nations are reckoned to be expiable no other ways than by
Death. They bewail mightily the Fate of those Five Rebellious Wretches that
were carried from Newgate in two Carts, to a Gibbet set up at the End of Salsbu-
ry Court in Fleet-Street, where they were all executed in Sight of the Mug-House
which they had demolished, and of many Thousand Spectators, and no doubt they
will insert them among others of the Rebels in the High-Church Calendar of Mar-

How little Compassion the High-Church Mobs have upon those whom it is in their
Power to Insult, is very well known throughout this City and Suburbs, but there is
one flagrant Instance of their Barbarity, that has not yet been taken notice of in the
Publick Prints, which I hope you'l insert as follows.

On the 4th, 5th, and 17th of November last a Jacobite Mob attack'd the
House of Francis Hoar at rhe Wbittingtons Chat in Chick- Lane. They consisted of
at wretched a Crew as ever assembled on such Occasions, and they singled out that
Man's House, because he had always been firm to the Protestant Succession, and in
his Way expressed his Zeal for it. They attack'd it in the usual Manner, by Sur-
prize, and with so great Fury, that they broke ail his Windows of a sudden, with
their usual Cry, Down with the House; knock the Rogue and Ms Family on the Head.
Or mond for ever. No King George, &c. There being very little Company in the
House, the Man was not able to make a Defence ; But one of his Neighbours seeing
the Mob so outragious, fired among them in Defence of the House, and wounded one
of the Mob. Upon this some High-Church Constables, with Assistants of the same
Stamp, who did not take the least Care to suppress the Mob, came immediately, and
without any Warrant carry'd Mr. Hoar, his Wife and Daughter to New-Prison, for
pretended Murder, tho' the Shot did not proceed from their House, nor was the
Wound given to the Rioter Mortal, and he soon after perfectly recovered. These
Constables &c. were so inhumane, that they would not leave one Person in the House
to look after it, tho' Mrs Hoar did earnestly beg it of them, but instead of that,
were so very officious, that they carried some People that came in accidentally for
Drink, along with them to Prison, and charg'd them also with the Murder.

Upon this Mr. Hoar was bound over, and Indicted for a Riot, but was acquitted
upon Tryal before the Right Honourable Lord Justice Parker

The Faction being thus disappointed of their just Revenge upon Mr. Hoar, they
have since, according to their usual Methods. incensed his Creditors against him,
and particularly his Brewer, who has arrested and committed him to Ludgate.

The Jacks in the Neighbourhood were so malicious, and did so insult Mrs. Hear
and her Children, that they could not go about their Lawful Occasions, so that the
was oblibed to remove to the Queens Head in Smithfield ; but being still pursued by
the Malice of the Jacks, who dissuaded every Body they cou'd from going to the
House, her Husband and the with six Children are reduced to a starving Condition,
and have nothing to subsist on but the Charity of well affected Persons, tho' Mr.
Hoar had once very good Business both in his House, and by felling of Cattle in
Smithfield: but ever since the Rise of Sacheverels Mobs in the last Reign, he his
been the But of their Malice, which depriv'd him of his Way of Living.

LONDON Printed, and EDINBURGH Re-Printed.

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Probable date published: 1716   shelfmark: Ry.III.c.36(038)
Broadside regarding the Jacobite attack on Francis Hoar's house, London
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