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Broadside entitled 'Ancient Prophecy'


This report begins: 'A most Wonderful and true Prophecy, which was found in an iron box in a Subterraneous Cavern, near the memorable field of Culloden, and was written three hundred years ago, and contains many Discoveries of what is to take place in various kingdoms of the World betwixt the years 1822 and 1826.' Published by J. Johnstone.

Apparently the prophecy, written in ancient Celtic, foretold Napoleon's rise and fall and Queen Caroline's trial and acquittal in 1820, amongst other things. It also prophesies that the National Debt would increase so much the British economy would collapse in 1823 and that between 1821-6 there would be great slaughter in the sister kingdom, France, and also that the Turkish Empire would fall, as it did.

After the report of the prophecy a 'curious prayer' is included, 'to fill up the paper'. It was apparently uttered by an old hawker of ballads and earthenware who lodged in one Mr Gregg's barn. Its sentiments are very honest, and especially striking is the consideration which the man has for the health of his ass.

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Date of publication: 1820   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(087)
Broadside entitled 'Ancient Prophecy'
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