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Broadside concerning a domestic quarrel between a recently married couple


This light-hearted story begins: 'A Full, True and Particular Account of that Awful BLOODY BATTLE for the BREEKS! that was Fought last Saturday Night, in this Neighbourhood between a Sprightly Young Couple, who had been married a whole Fortnight; and which did not end without Torn Clothes, Broken Heads and Bloody Noses; together with a Copy of the Articles of Agreement made between them, after the Battle was over.' The sheet was published by A. Turnbull of Edinburgh, and cost one penny.

Through using the word 'battle' in its introduction, this amusing broadside makes a domestic quarrel between a husband and wife sound like the clash of the titans. A mock-epic in style, the story revolves around that proverbial Scottish saying regarding which one of a married couple 'wears the breeks' in the house. In short, who rules the roost? The author reports that the young wife was out with her friends, but returned home late and rather tipsy. Taking exception to such deviant behaviour, the husband starts arguing with her and - suddenly! - crockery and furniture is flying everywhere. Happily, the story ends with the couple reconciled via the drawing up of two official articles of agreement.

Broadsides are single sheets of paper, printed on one side, to be read unfolded. They carried public information such as proclamations as well as ballads and news of the day. Cheaply available, they were sold on the streets by pedlars and chapmen. Broadsides offer a valuable insight into many aspects of the society they were published in, and the National Library of Scotland holds over 250,000 of them.

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Probable date of publication: 1825   shelfmark: F.3.a.13(30)
Broadside concerning a domestic quarrel between a recently married couple
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