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Queen of Otaheite
This song begins: 'At Otaheite, I've heard say, a huge fat Queen walked out; / Her head was like a mourning coach, it was so black and large, O. / Her eyes were like two coca nuts, and a black ring through her snout. / And her name was Pulka, Wulka, Poki, Koki, Coalee, Barge, O.' The sheet was printed by MacGibbon.

Queen's Visit to Scotland
Verse 1: 'The Queen is coming here they say, / To Scotland coming down; / Prince Albert will be with her too, / We shall see them soon.' A woodcut crown decorates the top of the page.

Queen's Welcome to Scotland
Verse 1 begins: 'The Queen she is coming, hurra ! hurra ! / To the land of the Thistle, hurra ! hurra !' The song was written by Andrew Park in honour of Queen Victoria's royal progress around Scotland in 1842.

Queen's Welcome to Scotland
This ballad begins: 'The queen she is coming, hurra! hurra! / To the land of the thistle, hurra! hurra! / From mountain and glen / Come ye brave Highlandmen / And welcome your Queen ane an' a', an' a''. There are no publication details available for this sheet.


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