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Awful Cruelty
This report begins: 'Account of the cruel and inhuman tratment of a child, by its own Father, of the name M'Gregor, or Rogers, residing in Kirkintilloch, who kept the child in an empty barrel for some years, till he was more like one of the monkey species than a human being . . . altogether a deplorable instance of culpable neglect and savage cruelty.' The sheet was printed in Glasgow by Muir.

Awful Cruelty! Or, the Life of Miss Agnes Rae
This report begins: 'The particulars of the Life and Death of Miss AGNES RAE, a gentleman's daughter, belonging to near Dunfermline, who was betrayed and seduced by a young gentleman ; she became pregnant to him ; his love turned to hatred for her, and ordered his servants to turn her out of doors ; she was then reduced to poverty and obliged to beg alms from door to door, and on Monday last was found in a deplorable condition, lying dead in a byre belonging to Mr Blackburn, between Dunfermline and Kinross : with a copy of a beautiful and interesting Letter, and a copy of Verses, which were found in her pocket-book, written in her own handwriting.' Printed by Kirkwood in Glasgow.

Awful Cruelty; or, the life of Elisabeth Watson
This sheet begins: 'An Account of the Life and Death of MISS ELIZABETH WATSON, a Gentleman's Daughter, who was betrayed and seduced by a young Gentleman; she became pregnant to him -- his love soon turned to hatred . . . She was then reduced to poverty . . . and on Monday last, was found in a most deplorable condition, lying dead in a byre near mid Calder, together with a copy of an interesting Letter, and also a Copy of Verses . . . in her own hand writing.' This sheet was published by Francis McCartney.

Awful Judgment
This broadside story begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the Dreadful Punishment inflicted on Mr JOHN SYM, a Respectable Gentleman in Hampstead, who was in a moment struck Blind by Lightning, for giving False Evidence against his own Servant Maid, by which she was condemned to Death, but was afterwards providentially saved by his voluntary Confession at the place of Execution.' The sheet was published in 1834 and cost one penny.

Awful Murder in Bridgeton
This crime report begins: 'An account of a most cruel and inhuman Murder, which was committed at Mile End, Bridgeton, on Monday evening last, on the body of Sarah M'Viccar, a fine young woman about 18 years of age, who was stabbed in the throat by her Sweetheart, Charles Campbell, in a fit of jealousy, and instantly fell dead at his feet - 5th December, 1825.' The sheet was published in 1825 by John Muir of Glasgow.

Awful Prophecies of David Ross
This report begins: 'THE AWFUL PROPHECIES / Of David Ross, the Glasgow Prophet, which he delivered to an immense multitude in the Dove-hill of Glasgow, on Sunday the 29th Septr. 1822.' The sheet was printed by John Muir of Glasgow.

Awful Suicide
This report begins: 'A full and particular Account of the Abduction of a Young Lady, and awful Suicide committed by a Captain M. on Saturday last, near Stratford; with an account how the Lady was providentially saved from being murdered by him.' Taken from the newspaper, 'The Edinburgh Courant'. Published in Edinburgh for John Lyons, this broadside sold for a penny.

Aytoun the Union Laddie
This political ballad begins: 'The Whigs think they are grand and great, / But O! they're proud and idly gaudy, / How much unlike the mainly gait / Of Aytoun our dear Union Laddie!' A note below the title states that the ballad should be sung to the air, 'The New Highland Laddie'. Although there are no publication details included on this sheet, the reference to Jamie Aytoun suggests that it was most likely published in Edinburgh during the 1830s.

Aytoun the Yeoman!, or, The Orator Left in the Lurch by one of his Own Voters
This ballad begins: 'Ho! ho, Mr Aytoun, so now it turns out, / You're only a Tory who's turned his coat; / Since a Yeoman at Airdrie no Whig you'ld endure, / And Radicals slaughter'd at sad Bonnymuir.' A note below the title states that this song should be sung to the tune, 'Mr Orator Puff'.

Aytoun, The Friend of the People!!
This ballad begins: 'Come all Reformers of the Town, / Since Jeffrey now has got the Gown, / And pitch your voice to the highest tone, / To sing huzza for Aytoun.' It was advertised as a new song and was to be sung to the tune of 'Arethusa'. A coat of arms with the motto, 'without fear and without reproach', adorns the top of the sheet.

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