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True-Lover's Farewell to Ireland!
Verse 1 begins: 'Twas of a summer's evening, as I went out to walk, / I heard two charming lovers, together they did talk.' This sheet was published by James Lindsay of 9 King Street, Glasgow. A woodcut illustration of a square-rigged ship has been included to increase the perceived value of the sheet.

Trust to Luck
This ballad begins: 'Trust to luck, trust to luck, and stare fate in the face, / Sure the heart must be easy if it's in the right place; / Let the world wag away, let your friends turn to foes, / Let your pockets run dry and threadbare your clothes.' This broadside was published on Saturday, 12th August 1871 and priced at one penny. The publisher was the Poet's Box. The city of publication has been obscured but can be made out as Glasgow.

Turkish soldiers' preparation for battle
This account begins: 'A Description of the Turks Prayers and Fasts, before they go to war with the / CHRISTIANS'. The last sentence stops in the middle, suggesting that, unusually for a broadside, this sheet either has a second page or that the printing continues onto the back.

Twelve Queries to the Citizens of Glasgow
This notice begins: 'Query 1. If the speaker on the 23rd of February, 1784, lives in the neighbouring city, and pays no stent [rent] to the town, and no tax to the poor, and does not own the authority of the Provost, nor even the power of a town-officer, to seize a delinquent in a neighbouring city, what right had he to speak in that meeting?' Although no publication details are included on the sheet, the first query includes the date, the 23rd of February, 1784.

Two Different Rapes
This crime report begins: ' A particular Account of the Trial and Sentence of JOHN MILLAR, WILLIAM STORRIER and WM. ROBERTSON, for two different Rapes, of a most horrid nature, and committed at different times, who is to be Executed at Cupar in Fife, on the 31st of October next.' It was printed by William Carse of Glasgow. The report is not dated.

Two letters written by Andrew Hardie in September 1820, on the night before his execution
This report begins: 'Copy of Two LETTERS from the late ANDREW HARDIE, the former written to his Uncle, dated Stirling Castle, 5th September, and the latter to his Sweetheart the night preceding his Execution, dated 7th Sept. 1820.' The name of the publisher is not included on this sheet.

Two reports, entitled 'Suicide and Murder!
This report begins, 'SUICIDE AND MURDER! A particular account of the unfortunate Muss Elizabeth Wilson, a female of seduction.' Published by W. Robertson, this report sold for a penny.

Two separate cases of rape, in Paisley and Edinburgh, 1830
This report begins: 'Account of that Cruel and Horrid Rape which was perpetrated by a Man on a Woman on the Paisley Road, on SATURDAY, and who was apprehended by a passenger on the Road . . . Also, an account of another Cruel Rape . . . on a Girl, only thirteen years of age . . . In Cumberland Street, Edinburgh'. The sheet was printed in Glasgow by William Carse.

Two young men who court women in order to get cakes and puddings
The story's title reads: 'This is a particular Account, founded on fact, of two young rovin' youths, who courted Lasses for cake an' puddin'.' Under the title, there is an introductory verse which reads: 'You do now see, as well as I / These twa young wanton sluts ;/ Who've taken in these hungry fellows, / To fill their empty guts.' Although the date of publication is not included, a note at the foot of the sheet states that it was 'Published by W. SMITH, No. 3, Bristo Port', which is an Edinburgh address.

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