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Execution, Second Edition
This account begins: 'A full and particular account of the Execution of William Adams, slater, who was this day, Wednesday the 6th January 1830, Executed at the head of Libberton Wynd, Lawnmarket, for assaulting and robbing Michael Pirnie, mason, on the evening of the 5th September last, of one pound, four shillings, and eightpence, and a tin snuff-box; with his last dying speech on the Scaffold.'

Executions In Paisley
This account begins: 'With some of its observations on the infrequency of these occurrences here the Glasgow Chronicle took occasion to favour us last week.' No publication details have been included.

Executions of Thomas and David Urquhart
This execution notice begins: 'A full and particular Account of the Trial and Sentence of THOMAS URQUHART, and DAVID his son, who both received Sentence, to be hanged at Edinburgh, the 18th of October, 1797.'

Exile of Erin
Verse 1: 'THERE came to the beach a poor exile of Erin, / The dew on his thin robe was heavy and chill; / For his country he sighed, when at twilight repairing, / To wander alone by the winds beaten hill. / But the day-star attracted his eyes sad devotion, / For it rose o'er his own native isle of the ocean, / When once in the fire of his youthful emotion, / He sang the loud anthem of Erin-go-Bragh.' 'Erin Go Bragh' is Irish for 'Ireland Forever'.

Extraordinary Apprehension and Examination of the Edinburgh Gentleman Swindler
This crime account begins: 'Just Published, a strange account of the proceedings of Captain Smith, the notorious Gentleman Swindler, who has taken in a great number of Noblemen and Gentleman residing in Moray Place, George Street, Charlotte Square . . . also his examination by the Sheriff.' This sheet was published by Forbes of Edinburgh.

Extraordinary Case!
This report begins: 'A full and Wonderful Narrative of the Extraordinary Sufferings of Mrs JANE TOMKINSON, who fell into a Trance, and was buried alive, a short time ago, in this vicinity--her observations and feelings--her extraordinary escape from the Grave--her wonderful recovery in the Dissecting-Room, in consequence of a galvanic experiment, and happy return to her family and friends.---All as related by Herself.' Published in Edinburgh by James Mathewson, this report sold for a penny.

Extraordinary Occurrence, and Supposed Murder, &c.
This sensationalist report begins: 'An Account of a most Extraordinary circumstance that took place on Friday night, the 31st October 1828, in a House in the West Port, Edinburgh, where an old Woman of the name of Campbell is supposed to have been Murdered, and her Body Sold to a Medical Doctor.' This broadside was printed in Edinburgh, on the 3rd of November, 1828 and sold for a penny.

Extraordinary Predictions!!
This broadside article begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the most astonishing PROPHECIES and PREDICTIONS, concerning the Revolutions, War, Reform, &c that is said will happen in the various Nations of Europe, &c, in the different Months of this eventful year, 1831. By a celebrated Jewish Prophet, from Poland.' The publisher was 'R.M.'

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