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Awful Suicide
This report begins: 'A full and particular Account of the Abduction of a Young Lady, and awful Suicide committed by a Captain M. on Saturday last, near Stratford; with an account how the Lady was providentially saved from being murdered by him.' Taken from the newspaper, 'The Edinburgh Courant'. Published in Edinburgh for John Lyons, this broadside sold for a penny.

Bridgeton Tragedy
This ballad begins: 'Good people all of Glasgow, pray listen unto me, / Whilst I relate this woeful tale and mournful tragedy; / 'Tis of a fair and handsome girl, in Bridgeton she did dwell, / She was her parents sole delight, her comrades loved her well.' It was advertised as a new song and includes a woodcut illustration of a small leprechaun-like figure reading a book.

Disappointed Love
This report begins: 'A true account of a young Lady, a Gentleman's Daughter, who Hanged herself in her own bedroom at Dundee, on Monday last, 28th July, 1823, for the love she bore to a Captain in the Navy who deserted her, with a beautiful and affecting letter which she wrote to him the night before she did the deed.' The broadside was originally published by A. Jones of Dundee, and reprinted in Edinburgh.

Dreadful Warning! To All Lovers
This report begins: 'An Affecting Account of a young woman, a servant girl in Kirkcaldy, who put an end to her life, for the sake of a young man there, who had cruelly deceived her with a promise of Marriage; together with a Copy of an interesting LETTER she wrote to him a few minutes before she did the deed.'

Fatal Love! Warning to lovers
This report begins: 'A Full and Authentic ACCOUNT of a most Melancholy and Extraordinary occurrence of FATAL LOVE, which took place at Kincardine, on Thursday last ; together with a COPY of the very affecting LETTER, which was found in the young Woman's bosom after she was cut down, and which fully explains the cause of her committing this rash and fatal act.'

Life and Transactions of Mr Richardson, late Minister at Largs, how he committed Suicide, by cutting his own throat
This report begins: 'IT is with regret that we announce to the public, and more so to those who knew the above-described person. He was a young man lately placed as Minister of the parish at Largs, well beloved by all his hearers and all who knew him, promising in appearance, and benevolent in all his ways.' Although no publication date is included, a note at the foot of the sheet states that it was 'Printed for James Thomson'.

Melancholy Suicide
This report begins: 'MELANCHOLY SUICIDE, COMMITTED BY MISS ANN BENNITT, OF THIS CITY, A YOUNG LADY ONLY SEVENTEEN YEARS OF AGE.' The broadside was published by R. Reynolds of 489 Lawnmarket, Edinburgh. The date of publication is not given.

Murder of a shearer, and the deaths of a mother and daughter.
This murder report begins: 'An acconnt of that barbarous murder on the body of a shearer, in the village of currie near Edinburgh, by some journeymen masons on Monday last.' Also contained on this broadside is another report which begins, 'We copy this murder and suicide from the same paper. - The town and neighbourhood of Barnet was thrown into the utmost consternation, on Tuesday, by the report that two ladies were murdered at Hadley Green.'

Suicide of William Pollock
This public notice begins: 'A Full True and Particular Account of the Suicide committed by WILLIAM POLLOCK, in the Jail of Edinburgh, yesterday morning, the 20th March 1826, who was condemned to be Executed here tomorrow'. This sheet was published by J. Cumming of Edinburgh and would have cost a penny to buy.

Suicide of Wm. Pollock!
This report begins: 'A Full True and Particular Account of the Suicide committed by William Pollock, in the Jail of Edinburgh, yesterday morning, the 20th March 1826, who was condemned to be Executed here tomorrow (Wednesday the 22d current) for the Murder of his own Wife; together with a copy of his LETTER to Mr Young, Governor of the Jail, &c.' The broadside was priced at one penny and was published by J. Cumming of Edinburgh.

Two reports, entitled 'Suicide and Murder!
This report begins, 'SUICIDE AND MURDER! A particular account of the unfortunate Muss Elizabeth Wilson, a female of seduction.' Published by W. Robertson, this report sold for a penny.

Warning to the Public
This report begins: 'A WARNING To the public; being a lamenable instance of gronudless Suspicion. An account of the melancholy death of Mary M'Intyre who being innocently accused of finding and keeping up four 5 notes belonging to her master a Manufacturer in Paisley.'

William Pollock, who hanged himself in Edinburgh Jail
This report begins: 'Farther Particulars about William Pollock, who hanged himself in the Jail of Edinburgh, on Monday the 20th March, 1826, with his last Dying Declaration in a Letter to a Gentleman the night before his death.' It was published for William Robertson and priced at one penny.


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