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Alabama Sam
Verse 1: 'I come from Alabama, / My name is Samuel, / The white folks call me Sam, / And that suits me quite as well. / 'Most everything I spy / Though I look so jolly green, / To take me in is all my eye, / For you'll find I'm "all serene."' This ballad was to be sung to an 'Original' tune and could be bought for one penny. It was published on 16th April 1870 by the Poet's Box, probably in Glasgow.

Jack's Yarn
This ballad begins: ''Twas a Monday night, the moon was shining bright, / The winds had been a-blowin' all the day, / We were sittin' in a ring' an Lor', how we did sing, / I reckon you'd ha' herd us 'cross the bay . . . ' Below the title, it is recorded that 'This Popular Song can always be had at the Poet's Box Overgate Dundee'.

People of Scotland Beware!
This public notice begins: 'Mr. A. CAMPBELL, and his colleague Mr. J. HENSHALL, from Virginia, U.S., are at present lecturing throughout Scotland on Christian Union'. The sheet was published by J. Jeffers Wilson on the 17th August 1847.

Poor Old Jeff
This ballad begins: 'Twas just one year ago today / That I remember well / I sat down by dear Nelly's side / And a story she did tell . . . ' Below the title we are told that 'This popular song can always be had at the Poet's Box, OVERGATE, DUNDEE'.

Verse 1: 'When I used to work on the levee, / many happy darkies there you see; / Cotton coming in so very heavy, / Oh, jolly, there was lots of work for me; / Black man hauling in the cargo, / Sun am very hot upon the head; / When he done he dance a jargo, / Rum, tum on the banjo, and then to bed.' This song was to be sung to an 'Original' tune. The broadside, priced one penny, was published on Saturday, 4th June 1870 by the Poet's Box, probably in Glasgow.

Uncle Tom's Cabin
The first verse begins: 'I'm thinking of poor Uncle Tom, / So generous, kind, and brave; / The white man came when he was young, / And claim'd him as his slave.' A woodcut illustration has been included at the top of the sheet showing four scantily-clad figures in a clearing. There are no publication details given, but this is one of two songs - printed by James Lindsay - on this sheet.


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