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Ancient Prophecy
This report begins: 'A most Wonderful and true Prophecy, which was found in an iron box in a Subterraneous Cavern, near the memorable field of Culloden, and was written three hundred years ago, and contains many Discoveries of what is to take place in various kingdoms of the World betwixt the years 1822 and 1826.' Published by J. Johnstone.

Awful Prophecies of David Ross
This report begins: 'THE AWFUL PROPHECIES / Of David Ross, the Glasgow Prophet, which he delivered to an immense multitude in the Dove-hill of Glasgow, on Sunday the 29th Septr. 1822.' The sheet was printed by John Muir of Glasgow.

Discovery of Ancient Relics
This broadside begins: 'A Full, True, and Interesting Account of that Remarkable and Important Discovery made yesterday in taking down the old houses in the Castle-hill, when there was found a box containg several Ancient Coins, a Massy Gold Ring, an old fashioned Dirk, and a Wonderful Prophecy made in the year 1550, respecting great events which are to happen this present year.' It was printed in Edinburgh 'for the Booksellers', and priced at one penny.

Extraordinary Predictions!!
This broadside article begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the most astonishing PROPHECIES and PREDICTIONS, concerning the Revolutions, War, Reform, &c that is said will happen in the various Nations of Europe, &c, in the different Months of this eventful year, 1831. By a celebrated Jewish Prophet, from Poland.' The publisher was 'R.M.'

Martin's Wonderful Prophecies!
This broadside begins: 'Martin's Wonderful Prophecies! RELATING TO England, Scotland, and Ireland. With and account of the Wonderful Change that must shortly take place in the Government, and in the State and Condition of the People.' The sheet is not dated, nor does it carry the name or location of the publisher. It was sold for one penny.

Old prophecy
This account begins: 'MERLIN Reviv'd: / OR, / An Old PROPHECY / Lately found in a Manuscript in Pontefract-Castle in York-shire.'

Wonderful Prophecies of John Leckie
Following on from the title, this broadside story continues: 'Who died on the 6th of August 1820, at Cramond, at the age of 105, with an account of the Wonderful Changes that would take place in the year 1822, in England, Ireland, and especially in Scotland.' The sheet was published by William Carse of Glasgow.


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