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Affray, and two murders
This crime report begins: 'A particular account of the unlucky affray that happened on Saturday evening at the head of the Canongate, Edinburgh, between two Carters, viz Alexander M'Donald and [Ge]orge Sideserf, who lost his life by a blow from M'Donald. Likewise an account of that horrid and bloody murder, committed on the body of SERJEANT JENKINS, of the Pembrokeshire Cavalry, who was most cruelly stabbed by one Buttler, a private of said regiment, in many places, of which he died in about ten minutes, in great agony.'

An account
This crime report begins: 'An Account of the Trial and Sentence of John Campbell, and William Helm, accused of culpable Homicide, whereby Alexr. Lawson a shearer met his death at Currie.'

Ann Semple's Confession
This poem crime account begins: 'YE Famales of high and low station, / I crave your attention a-while, / I was to leave the British nation, / And finish my days in exile.' There is no date attached to this sheet but mention of the 'young Queen' suggests it was published during the early years of the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

Apparent murder of a family by a beggar
This crime report begins: 'Account of one of the most horrid murders committed by a beggar man ever recorded; the father of the family was out shooting, and while absent, the beggar demanded of the woman the money he knew was in the house; the woman went up a ladder to where it was lying, and pulled it after her, by which she escaped from his bloody hands; he then took the two children, cut off their noses and ears, and then murdered them . . . ' The sheet was published by William Carse, who is listed as working from various addresses in Glasgow between 1820 and 1836.

Apparition which appeared at Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland
This amusing narrative begins: 'An ACCOUNT of / A most Horrid, BLOODY, and Terrible / APPARITION, / Which Lately Appeared in the Parish of SHOTTS / AND / A TRUE AND GENUINE ACCOUNT OF / A DISMAL AND SHOCKING MURDER'. There are no further details attached to this sheet.

Atrocious Case of Murder and Theft
This crime report begins: 'A Particular Account of the Trial and Sentence of MARGARET BOAG, at Edinburgh, on Monday 19th January 1824, charged with murdering Elizabeth Low, an Old Woman of 75 years of age, at Dunning in Perthshire, on the 18th February 1818; or with Theft and Reset of Theft, in stealing from her House a Quantity of Webs of Linen and Sheeting, and various other Articles, who was found Guilty of Theft, and Sentenced to be Transported beyond Seas for Life.' It was published by James Dougherty of Edinburgh in 1824, priced at one penny.

Awful and Alarming Alleged Murder, in North Bridge Street, Edinburgh, 1834
This crime report begins: 'Just Published, an Account of that horrible and cruel Murder, alleged to have been committed on the body of Mr Thomas Turner, late Landlord of the Ches'shire Tavern, North Bridge, Edinburgh; with the apprehension of Margaret Patrick or Turner, his wife, and Mr William Dodds, High Street, who are implicated in this tragical affair.' The sheet was published on, or around, the 20th of March, 1834, by Forbes & Co. of the Cowgate, Edinburgh.

Awful Murder in Bridgeton
This crime report begins: 'An account of a most cruel and inhuman Murder, which was committed at Mile End, Bridgeton, on Monday evening last, on the body of Sarah M'Viccar, a fine young woman about 18 years of age, who was stabbed in the throat by her Sweetheart, Charles Campbell, in a fit of jealousy, and instantly fell dead at his feet - 5th December, 1825.' The sheet was published in 1825 by John Muir of Glasgow.

Barbarous and cruel Murder
This crime report begins: 'An account of a barbarous and cruel MURDER Committed on the body JAMES PARK, late bleacher, at Pollock Shaws, by Robert Mitchell, changekeeper at Strabungo on Wednesday the 10th of October 1792.'

Barbarous Murder
This crime report begins: A full account of the barbarous MURDER That was committed on the body of MARY FRAZER, alias Adam, at the West Port of Edinburgh in her own house, and who died on Sunday the 3d day of July 1791, of the strokes she had received the Monday before, from John Saxton and his three sisters in law, who are now confined in Edinburgh Jail.'

Billy Pattison
Verse 1: 'Oh, white folks, listen unto me, / Oh, Billy Pattison, / The subject of my story I'll tell unto thee, / Don't tell me, don't tell me / The name of my story I'll tell unto thee, / Is oh, Billy Pattison, / The name of my song I'll tell unto thee, / Don't tell me, don't tell me.' This song was to be sung to an 'Original' tune, and was priced at one penny. It was published on Saturday, 10th January 1863, by the Poet's Box, probably in Glasgow.

Bloody Murder
This crime report begins: 'An account of a bloody murder commited on the body of Mary Grier above the Cross glasgow, upon Monday Novr. 8th 1790. By John Henderson her own husband. IT is lamentable to hear of the cruelties committed of late in this Kindom, and especially in Glasgow and its neighbourhood . . .' The broadside carries no publication details.

Burke and Hare trials
This crime report begins: 'Execution, Confession, and a list of all the Horrid Murders committed by Burke, also the decision of Hare's Case / List of the 16 Murders committed by Burke'. Two woodcuts, one of Burke on the left and one of Hare on the right have been included. The bottom of the sheet also carries a woodcut of Daft or Poor Jamie, one of their victims. The sheet was published by Glass of 9 South Niddry Street, Edinburgh.

Burning of Anne Fogget
This execution notice begins: 'THE LAST / SPEECH / AND / CONFESSION / OF / Anne Fogget, Burnt for the Murder of her Husband Abraham Fogget / Who was Executed at York September 10 1716.' This sheet was published by Margaret Reid of Edinburgh.

Claiming to unmask a mysterious murderer from the previous generation
This report begins: 'An account of the wonderful discovery of the murderer of William Begbie, Porter to the British Linen Company's Bank, who was murdered in November, 1806, in the Bank Close, Nether Bow, and Robbed of nearly 5,000, with the whole particulars how the Murderer was discovered.' The name of the publisher is not included on this sheet.

Confession of James Bryce
This ballad begins: 'I am a poor unhappy man, James Bryce it is my name, / I murdered my brother-in-law, I may tell it all with shame'. Above the title a woodcut illustration of an isolated house in the forest, next to a river, has been included.

Confession of Murder
This account begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the Apprehension of THOMAS MOFFAT, who fled from Kilsyth about three years ago, for the Barbarous Murder of his own Father, by repeated Stabs in the abdomen! With an Account of his Confession and also of the manner in which he spent his life since, &c.' This broadside was printed in Edinburgh for James McLean and priced at one penny.

Confession of Robert Emond
This broadside begins: 'Confession of EMOND / In the Jail, on the day after he received sentence of death.' The confession has been sourced from a newspaper entitled the 'North Briton'.

Confession of William Anderson Horner
This broadside begins: 'An Account of the Life and Dying Confession of William Anderson Horner, Son to Peter Anderson Horner, Living in the Parish of Saline in the Shire of Perth, who murdered Elison Mitchell, Wife of David Blythe Horner also, in the beginning of Winter, 1708. in the manner following.'

Confessions made by William Burke
This crime report begins: 'CONFESSIONS MADE BY William Burke. Now under Sentence of Death, in the Calton Jail, for the Horrid Murder of Mrs Campbell, frankly detailing several other atrocious Murders, in which he was concerned along with Hare . . . Extracted from the Caledonian Mercury, 5th January, 1829.' The broadside also contains a poem describing Burke's 'Confessions, Lamentations, and Reflections'. The sheet was priced at one penny.

Confessions of John Stewart
This crime report begins: 'An account of the different murders to which John Stewart and his female associate has made confession to since their condemnation, making eleven in all, with the names of the places where some of them were committed with the manner they took to Murder their victims, and then rob them.' The sheet was published by Carmichael and Graham of the Trongate in Glasgow, and the story was sourced from the Edinburgh Scotsman and Caledonian Mercury newspapers.

Confessions, Lamentations, & Reflections of William Burke
Following on from the title, the introductory text continues: 'late of Portsburgh, who is to be Executed at Edinburgh, on the 28th January, 1829, for Murder, and his body given for Public Dissection.' The ballad itself begins: 'Good people all, both great and small, / I pray you lend an ear, / Unto these lines That I have penn'd, / Which quickly you shall hear.' Although there are no publication details included on this sheet, the subject matter suggests that it was almost certainly published in Edinburgh, in January 1829.

Death of John Halden
This crime report begins: 'A / Faithful NARRATIVE / OF / The Circumstances of the Cruelty committed upon the Body of John Halden in the Abbay of Holy-Rood-House, on Tuesday the 7th of April Instant, who died the next day.' No further dates are given and there is no publisher's name included.

Death of Margaret Thompson
This crime report begins: 'A full and particular Account of a most lamentable Dispute, that took place between Margaret Thompson and John Con, a Coal-driver, at Elderslie, near Paisley, during which he stabbed the uunfortunate Woman, who was pregnant, with a poker, of which wound she died, and he is now a Prisoner in Paisley Jail.'

Death-Bed Confessions of Jean Simpson
This moral text begins: 'A respectable Midwife, who died in Falkirk, under severe suffering from the loss of the use of her limbs, but more especially the pangs of a guilty conscience'. The midwife, Simpson, it is recounted, died on Tuesday 27th July, 1841. This broadside was printed by Saunders.

Dempsters Apprehension and Confession
This crime report begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the Apprehension of Robert Dempster, junior, Slater in Cupar of Fife, accused of the Murder of M'DONALD, a Flax-Dresser, with his slate-hammer, on the High Road between Craigrothie and Wemyss Hall Gate, a few weeks ago, and who is now lodged in Cupar Jail, having been Apprehended at Doune, on Monday Evening the 25th October 1830.'

Dempster's Apprehension and Confession
This account begins: 'A Full and particular Account the Apprehension of Robert Dempster, junior, Slater in Cupar of Fife, accused of the murder of McDONALD, a Flax-Dresser, with his slate-hammer, on the High Road between Craigrothie and Wemyss Hall Gate, a few weeks ago, and who is now lodged in Cupar Jail, having been Apprehended at Doune, on Monday Evening the 25th October 1830.'

Dreadful Duel!
This report begins: 'Full, True, and Particular Account of the Disturbances in Ireland, with an account of the Horrid Murders committed there___also an account of the Duel which was fought last week between the D__e of W____n and L__d A____p.' The sheet was published by John Campbell of Edinburgh.

Dreadful Riot
This report begins: 'Full and particular Account of that dreadful and bloody engagement which took place betwixt a party of Smugglers, and some men belonging to the Preventive Service, on Wednesday last, at St. John's Haven, when three men were most cruelly murdered.' A note at the foot of the sheet states that it was 'Printed for Fergus Ferguson, Bookseller'. Unfortunately, the sheet is not dated.

Dying words and execution of Margaret Shuttleworth
This execution notice begins: 'An Account of the last Dying Words and Execution of MRS SHUTTLEWORTH, for the Murder of her Husband, on Friday the 7th December last, 1821, at Montross [Montrose], near Edinburgh.' It was sourced from the 'Montross Review' of the 7th December, 1821, and includes a woodcut illustration of a woman being hanged.

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