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Baby who was born with the ability to speak
This supernatural report begins: 'Wonder of Wonders, or the Speech of a child born near Edinburgh on Thursday the 15th of March 1770 as delivered ten minutes after it came into the world.'

Female Miser
This obituary notice begins: 'FULL AND PARTICULAR / ACCOUNT / OF A / Female Miser! / Who died at Stirling on the 26th of May last, 1820 ; to which is added, an Account of the numerous curious Articles found in her House after her Death.'

Man who became possessed by an evil spirit
This story begins: 'An account of the strange and wonderful manner in which John Fox, who some time ago lived near Nottingham, was sorely afflicted with an Evil Spirit, that threw him into fits, deprived him of the power of speech, spoke within him, and endeavoured to baffle the efforts of the Ministers who attended him, whose names are here mentioned; also an account how he was at length relieved, after remaining three years dumb, and lived a virtuous and religious life.' Although no date of publication is included, the sheet was published by T. Duncan of Glasgow.

True and Correct Account of that MOST WONDERFUL CHILD
This account begins: 'A True and Correct Account of that MOST WONDERFUL CHILD, Only 11 months old, which weighs between 9 and 10 stone, with a description of his length, thickness, and appearance, what diet he takes, &c. he was born at Cambasnethan, 15 miles from Glasgow.' With the child being born in April 1820, and his age being 11 months, this broadside was most likely published in 1821. It was priced at one penny.

Wonder of Wonders Being
This broadside story begins: 'A strange and wonderful Relation concerning a Mermaid that was seen and spoke with on the Cliff of Cromarry, near Inverness in Scotland, by a young gentleman, a Merchant, named Lauchland Mackintosh, who was tossed on the main Ocean for four Days and Nights. Together with an account of his wonderful Dream, and the strange Conversation he had with the Mermaid, and how he was preserved after his Return to Inverness.' There are no publication details included on this sheet.

This report begins: 'Account of a Woman who was buried alive, and who broke open the coffin while they were laying her in the grave, which so frightened the company that they fled in every direction; also, a copy of the interesting Dream which she had in that state. CHELMSFORD, Oct. 4th, 1821.' It was published by William Carse of Glasgow, and probably sold for one penny.

Wonderful Case!
This story begins: 'A strange and wonderful Account of a Rev. and well beloved Clergyman in London, who died a few days ago, and remained in that state for eighteen hours, and who, after being dressed in dead clothes, and laid out to be coffined, to the great surprise, terror and astonishment of all present, started up in bed, and, at great length, described the most wonderful sights he had seen, and what, he said, was to happen in the United Kingdoms in a short time.' The sheet was published by Francis McCartney of Edinburgh.


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