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Burning of Anne Fogget
This execution notice begins: 'THE LAST / SPEECH / AND / CONFESSION / OF / Anne Fogget, Burnt for the Murder of her Husband Abraham Fogget / Who was Executed at York September 10 1716.' This sheet was published by Margaret Reid of Edinburgh.

Condemned or, The Last Moments of William Perrie
This execution ballad begins: 'The morning came, the hours flew past:- / Yea, the fatal hour, poor Perrie's last, / Drew near, on which he was to die, / And meet his God, his Judge on high.' Perrie was 'Executed at Paisley, October 18th, 1837'. Under the title a small quotation has been provided: '"He died, as erring man should die, / Without display, without parade."' This broadside was printed by Caldwell and Sons.

Confession of Robert Irvine
This report begins: 'THE LAST / CONFESSION / Of Mr. Robert Irvine, who was Execute May 1st, 1717. Near Brughtoun between Leith and Edinburgh, for Murdering John and Alexander Gordons, Sons to James Gordon of Allan, on Sunday the 28th of April 1717.'

Confession of William Anderson Horner
This broadside begins: 'An Account of the Life and Dying Confession of William Anderson Horner, Son to Peter Anderson Horner, Living in the Parish of Saline in the Shire of Perth, who murdered Elison Mitchell, Wife of David Blythe Horner also, in the beginning of Winter, 1708. in the manner following.'

Deadly Groans of the Whisky Stills
This comic broadside begins: 'The DEADLY GROANS of the WHISKY STILLS: who were condemned to suffer Martyrdom on the 17th of thei spresent month of July 1795, for the horrid and bloody murder of starving above 200,000 professed Christians in this island. With the sorrowful lamentation of all the Dram-Drinkers.' There are no publication details included.

Dying words and execution of Margaret Shuttleworth
This execution notice begins: 'An Account of the last Dying Words and Execution of MRS SHUTTLEWORTH, for the Murder of her Husband, on Friday the 7th December last, 1821, at Montross [Montrose], near Edinburgh.' It was sourced from the 'Montross Review' of the 7th December, 1821, and includes a woodcut illustration of a woman being hanged.

This report begins: 'A Particular Account of the Execution and last dying Declaration and Behaviour of ROBERT SCOTT, who was Executed, on that part of the Road between Earlston and Greenlaw, where he committed the Bloody deeds, yesterday, Wednesday the 29th October, 1823, for the Horrid and Barbarous Murder of Two men, on the evening of 30th June last, and his Body sent to Edin for Dissection.' Publisher William Johnston, Edinburgh, 1823

This report begins: 'Execution of James Anderson and David Glen, who suffered at Ayr, on Friday the 12th of December, 1823, for the Murder of Mr John M'Clure, while returning from Ochiltree Sacrament to Ayr, with an account of their Behaviour in confinement and the prayer which they put up on the scaffold.' A note at the bottom of the sheet states that it was 'printed for the Booksellers' in Ayr.

This report begins: 'Account of the Behaviour since his condemnation, and on the scaffold of John M'Creevie, who was Executed at Glasgow, on Wednesday the 2d of June, 1823, for Housebreaking and Theft at Springvale, with a solemn warning to his companions, and those who, like him, are running a course which leads to an awful death.' The sheet was published by William Carse of Glasgow, who is listed as working from various addresses in Glasgow between 1820 and 1836.

This execution report begins: 'Account of the Execution and Behaviour on the scaffold, of JAMES STEVENSON, for highway robbery, who suffered at Glasgow, on Wednesday morning, the 1st of June, 1825; to which is added, his confession and last dying words, which he left with a friend who visited him in jail.' The sheet was published in 1825 by William Carse of Glasgow.

This report of an execution begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the Execution of WILLIAM THOMSON, Labourer, who was Executed this day, Thusday, 1st March 1827, at Dalkeith, for Highway Robbery; together with his Behaviour since his condemnation, and at the place of Execution, as also his Last Words on the Scaffold.' The broadside was published by William Henry. The place of publication is not given.

This account begins: 'A Full and True Account of the Last Speech and Dying Declaration of WILLIAM BURKE, who was Executed at Edinburgh this morning, for Murder, and his body given for dissection ; also of his conduct and behaviour since his condemnation, and on the Scaffold.' This broadside sold for a penny and was published on the day of Burke's execution, Wednesday, 28th January 1829.

Execution of Christopher Layer
This execution notice begins: 'A True and Exact / COPY / OF THE / PAPER / Delivered by / CHRISTOPHER LAYER, / At the Place of EXECUTION, &c./ Inclosed in a Cover superscrib'd, / To Mr. Walter Price, Under-Sheriff, at this House in Castle-Yard, in / Holburn.'

Execution of Coll Oxburgh
This execution speech begins: 'THE / Last Speech / of / COLL OXBURGH, / Who was executed at TYBURN MAY 14th, 1716. / Delivered by him to the Sheriffs, and Printed at LONDON by their Order.' This sheet was published by William Adams Junior in 1716.

Execution of David Myles
This execution notice begins: 'THE LAST / Words and Confession / OF / DAVID MYLES / Who was Executed for Incest, at Edinburgh, on the 27 Day of November, 1702.'

Execution of Helen Marishal
This execution notice begins: 'THE / Last SPEECH and CONFESSION / AND / DYING WORDS / OF HELLEN MARISHAL / Who was executed at the Grass-Market of Edinburgh, upon the Thirty Day of March, One thousand Seven hundred and twenty, for the Crime of Murdering her own Child.' This sheet was printed in Edinburgh, at the bottom of Horse Wynd, in 1720.

Execution of James Henderson
This execution notice begins: 'The last Speech and dying Declaration of JAMES HENDERSON, late in Bainshole, who was executed at Aberdeen, on Friday the 29th day of October 1790, for the murder of Alexander Gillespie, Slater, and his body given to the Surgeons to be dissected.' This sheet was first printed in Aberdeen by James Chalmers and then reprinted in Glasgow.

Execution of Jannet Riddle
This broadside ballad begins: 'The last Speech and Confession of Jannet Riddle, who was Execute, for murthering her own Child, in the Grass Market of Edinburgh, January 21st. 1702.' The name of the publisher is not included.

Execution of Jannet Shank
This execution notice begins: 'The last Words and Declaration of Jannet Shank, / Who was Execute in the Grass mercat of E- / dinburgh, upon the 7 day of February, 1711 / for the Crime of / Child-Murder. / According to Sentence of Justice, her Right Hand was cut off by the Common Hangman; and was drawn up the Gibbet by a Pilly, and Hang till she was Dead. Her Hand is to be set up at Dumfriece.'

Execution of John Stewart
This execution notice begins: 'THE LAST / SPEECH AND DYING WORDS, / Of John Stewart, who was executed within the Flood-Mark at Leith, upon the 4th January 1721, for the Crime of Piracy and Robbery.' This sheet was published in Edinburgh, in 1727, by Robert Brown of Forrester's Wynd.

Execution of John Thomas
This account of an execution begins: 'An account of the Execution of that Horrid Villain JOHN THOMAS, who was Hanged in front of York prison, on Tuesday the 16th of January, 1822, for the inhuman murder of Margaret Thomson, a farmer's wife, and of Mary Harris, a girl of eleven years of age:- Also, his Dying Speech at the place of execution.' It was published by John Muir of Glasgow.

Execution of Margaret Crooks
This execution notice begins: 'THE LAST / SPEECH AND CONFESSION / OF / Margaret Crooks, who was Executed at the Grass-Market of Edinburgh, the twenty fourth of December 1718. for the Murthering her own Child.' This sheet was printed in 1718, by a publisher who had premises 'at the Foot of the Horse Wynd', Edinburgh.

Execution of Mrs McLeoid
This broadside begins: 'The Last Farewel and Lamentation of Mrs McLEOID, who was execute in the Grass-Market of Edinburgh on the 8th of March 1727, for the Crime of Forgery, with her last Farewel to the World.' The first verse begins: 'All People now both far and near, / that sees my wretched State, / Lament my Case, for why I am / Oh! Most Unfortunate.' A woodcut illustration of a woman surrounded by foliage has been included at the top of this sheet.

Execution of Mrs M'Kinnon
This execution notice begins: 'Who was Executed at Edinburgh on Wednesday morning the 16th April, 1823, in the presence of 30,000 spectators, for the Murder of Mr. Wm. Howat, and her body given for dissection; with an account of her Dress, Behaviour, and Dying Declaration on the scaffold.' It was published in Glasgow by John Muir.

Execution of Patrick McNicol or Campbell
This execution notice begins: 'THE LAST / SPEECH / AND / CONFESSION / OF / PATRICK M'NICOL, alias CAMPBELL, / Who was executed at Mugdock, upon the 28th of March 1718. for the Murder of John Graham.'

Execution of Thomas Connor and Bell McMenemy
This report begins: 'This morning Thomas Connor and Bell McMenemy suffered in front of the New Jail, agreable to their sentence. The crowd began to collect this morning by day break'. The sheet was printed by Edwards.

Final words of Margaret Cunninghame before her execution
This report begins: 'Last speech of MARGARET CUNNINGHAME before her exeution, Who was executed at the west end of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 7th of January, for the horrid crime of poisoning John Mason, her husband, in February last, and her body given for Dissection.' The name of the publisher is not included on this broadside.

Forger's Doom: Or John Currie's Last Speech
This crime ballad begins: 'I find I was a Fool to mock the Laws, / My Notes are finely chang'd for Hangie's Taas.'

Genuine Copy
This crime report begins: 'The Last Speech, Confession, and dying Declaration of JAMES M'KAEN, who was Executed at the Cross of Glasgow on a new erected Gibbet, on Wednesday the 25th of January 1797, and his body given to the Professor of Anatomy.' This report was extracted from the 'Historical Narrative of M'KAEN'S Life and Transactions', which was published by Brash and Reid of Glasgow.

Genuine Last Speeches and Dying Words of Thomas Smith and George Stephenson
Following on from the title, this crime report continues: 'Who were Executed at the West End of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 21st of January, 1807, for the Crime of Horse Stealing; contained in Two Letters from them to their Wives, written by their own hands.' A note at the foot of the sheet states that it was published by 'Angus, Printer'.

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