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Dreadful Duel!
This report begins: 'Full, True, and Particular Account of the Disturbances in Ireland, with an account of the Horrid Murders committed there___also an account of the Duel which was fought last week between the D__e of W____n and L__d A____p.' The sheet was published by John Campbell of Edinburgh.

Duel Extraordinary!
This entertaining story begins: 'Account of another DUEL, that took place on Wednesday last, 18th April, in the neighbourhood of Pennycuick, county of Edinburgh ; when one of the Parties was mortally wounded.'

Fatal Duel
This report of a duel begins: 'Just published, an Account of that Melancholy and Fatal DUEL, that took place between the Right Honourable the Earl of Eglinton and Captain Gorbon, concerning a Lady of high respectibility, when dreadful to relate his Lordship was shot though the heart.' The story was sourced from the 'Greenock Intelligencer'. The broadside also contains an account of a 'Libel for Sedition'. It was published by Ale(xa)nder Dunbar of Edinburgh, and is not dated.

Fatal Duel!
This report begins: 'An Account of that Fatal Duel that took place, between GEORGE MORGAN, Esq. Banker, and DAVID LANDALE, Esq. Tanner, both of Kirkcaldy, in Cardon Den, on the estate of Raith; above Kirkcaldy, on the 23d August 1826, when George Morgan Esq. Was unfortunately Shot through the Heart on the first fire, and instantly expired.' The broadside, which was priced at one penny, also includes a shorter report headed 'Fire'. The publisher is given as 'John Gullagher', and the place of publication is not noted.

Late Dual
This report begins: 'Trial of Mr STUART of Dunearn, for the late Duel in which Sir ALEXANDER BOSWELL, of Auchinleck, lost his life, which came on at Edinburgh on Monday last, the 10th June, 1822, with an account of its final result.' The sheet was printed by William Carse of Glasgow.

Trial and acquittal
This report begins: 'The trial of Mr. James Stuart who was tried at the High Court of Justiciary, for being art and part in a duel in which Sir Alexander Boswell lost his life?'. There is no date or place of publication.

True Account Of That Fatal Duel
This crime report begins: 'A TRUE ACCOUNT OF THAT FATAL DUEL / Which took place on Tuesday morning 26th March, 1822. between, Sir Alexander Boswell Bart. and James Stuart Esq. in Fife when Sir Alexander was mortally wounded, and died on Wednesday.'

Unfortunate Duel
This report begins: 'A true and particular Account of a most unfortunate Duel which took place on Tuesday the 26th March, 1822, at Auchtertoul, in Fife, in consequence of a Song which appeared in one of the Glasgow Newspapers, when Sir Alex. Boswell of Auchinleck was desparately wounded, and is since dead.' It was published by John Muir of Glasgow. The report is not dated.

Whole particulars of the Trial of Mr James Stuart
This crime report begins: 'The whole Particulars of the Trial of Mr James Stuart, before the High Court of Justiciary on Monday the 10th June 1822, for being concerned in the Fatal Duel on the 26th March last, when Sir Alexander Boswell was mortally wounded, and died the following day.'


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