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Bold Brannan on the moor
This ballad begins: ?The first of my misfortunes was to list & desert / the way for to rob I soon found an art / Over hedges and ditches when I took my way / And I went a roving by night and by day?. There is no date or place of publication.

Courage and Intrepidity of John McGregor against a shark who had killed his friend
This report begins: 'A most Strange and Wonderful Account of the Courage and Intrepidity of JOHN M'GREGOR, a British Sailor . . . who, when that vessel was lying in Carlile Bay, on seeing a sincere Friend of his, belonging to the same Ship, snapped through the middle by a large Shark . . . jumped into the sea . . . and pursued the veracious [sic] monster.' A note at the bottom states that the sheet was 'Printed for the Booksellers' and sold for a penny.

New Way of Raising the Wind!
This report begins: 'An account of rather a New and Curious Circumstance that took place at Aberdeen a few days ago, between a respectable Lecturer on Anatomy in that City, and a party of Sailors from a Merchant Vessel, who touched there on her voyage from America. - Extracted from "the Fife Journal" of Thursday the 26th February, 1829.' Included at the top of the sheet are woodcut illustrations of three sailing vessels.

Woman who masqueraded as a man, c. 1820
This report begins: 'A particular account of John Thomson, a journeyman plasterer, who has been working in one of the New Buildings in Lord Moray's Park . . . and who was discovered by a strange accident, to be Female, on Tuesday last'. There are no publication details on the sheet.

Wonder of Wonders Being
This broadside story begins: 'A strange and wonderful Relation concerning a Mermaid that was seen and spoke with on the Cliff of Cromarry, near Inverness in Scotland, by a young gentleman, a Merchant, named Lauchland Mackintosh, who was tossed on the main Ocean for four Days and Nights. Together with an account of his wonderful Dream, and the strange Conversation he had with the Mermaid, and how he was preserved after his Return to Inverness.' There are no publication details included on this sheet.


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