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Execution of the Gilmerton Murderers, Dobie and Thomson
This report begins: 'A Full, True and Particular Account of the Execution of David Dobie and John Thomson, for the Murder and Robbery of Margaret Paterson, near Gilmerton, on the night of Saturday the 17th of April, 1830, and who in pursuance of the Sentence of the High Court of Justiciary, were hanged at the head of Libberton?s Wynd, Edinburgh, on the morning of Wednesday the 18th August, 1830, and their bodies afterwards given to Dr Monro, for public dissection.' This sheet was published by Forbes and Owen of Edinburgh.

Execution of Thomas Connor and Bell McMenemy
This report begins: 'This morning Thomas Connor and Bell McMenemy suffered in front of the New Jail, agreable to their sentence. The crowd began to collect this morning by day break'. The sheet was printed by Edwards.

Execution of Thomas Connor and Bell McMenemy
This report begins: 'Life, Transactions and Executions of Thomas Connor and Bell McMenemy, Executed at Glasgow for Assault and Robbery.' The sheet was printed by John Muir, Glasgow, on 22nd October 1828.

Execution of William Burke
This report begins: 'An account of the Last Moments and Execution of William Burke, at Edinburgh, for the West Post Murders. This day, Wednesday 28th Jan. 1829. William Burke underwent the last sentence of the law, for the murder of Mrs Docherty, one of the victims of the West Port Tragedies.' The broadside does not carry the name of the publisher or location of publication.

Execution of William Dornan and Robert Smyth
This execution notice begins: 'An account of the Execution of WILLIAM DORNAN, and ROBERT SMYTH, who were hanged at Air, on Friday the 26th day of May, pursuant to their sentence, for housebreaking and theft?with an account of their behaviour at the place of execution.' It was printed by Thomas Duncan of 159 The Saltmarket, Glasgow.

Execution of William Leonard Swan
This account of an execution begins: 'a particular Account of the Behaviour and Execution of WILLIAM LEONARD SWAN, at Glasgow, on Wednesday the 16th May, 1821, for ultering two Forged Five Pound Notes of the Paisley Banking Company, in the month of November last.' It was published by John Muir of Glasgow and is dated 16th May 1821.

Execution of William McIntyre
This execution notice begins: 'EXECUTION of that unfortunate young Man, WILLIAM M'INTYRE, belonging to Glasgow, who was Executed at Edinburgh on Wednesday morning the 26th Feb. 1823, for Housebreaking and Theft.' It was printed by John Muir of Glasgow, and probably sold for one penny.

Execution Second Edition
This execution notice begins: 'Full, True, and Particular Account of the EXECUTION of George Gilchrist, at the head of Libberton's Wynd, on the morning of the third of August, 1831, for the robbery of the Princes Regent, Edinburgh Coach . . . . ?the whole by an eye witness.'

This public notice begins: 'A Full and Particular ACCOUNT of the Execution of JOHN RENNIE and WILLIAM SUTHERLAND, who were EXECUTED at Edinburgh on Wednesday morning, the 23rd August, 1821, for Housebreaking and Theft'. This sheet would have sold for a penny.

This report begins: 'A Full and Particular account of JOHN DEMPSEY, late Private Soldier in the 13th Regiment of Infantry, who was Executed at Edinburgh, on Wednesday morning, the given for dissection 13th of December, 1820, for Murder, committed at Greenock, in July last, and his Body given for Dissection ; including his Behaviour at the place of Execution.' This sheet was published by R. Watson of Edinburgh and cost one penny.

This report begins: 'A Full and Particular ACCOUNT of SAMUEL MAXWELL, who was Executed at the Head of Libberton Wynd, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, on Wednesday Morning, the 17th of January, 1821, for Stouthrief and Robbery, committed in the House of Mr Arneil, near Glasgow, last year.' This sheet was published by R. Watson of Edinburgh and cost one penny.

This crime report begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the Execution of JOHN WILSON and DUNCAN FRASER, who were Executed at the Head of Libberton Wynd, Edinburgh, on Wednesday morning the 28th January, 1824, for Housebreaking and Theft ; with a particular Account of their Behaviour since their Condemnation and at the place of Execution.' This sheet was printed for Alexander Turnbull of Edinburgh and would have sold for a penny.

Execution, Second Edition
This account begins: 'A full and particular account of the Execution of William Adams, slater, who was this day, Wednesday the 6th January 1830, Executed at the head of Libberton Wynd, Lawnmarket, for assaulting and robbing Michael Pirnie, mason, on the evening of the 5th September last, of one pound, four shillings, and eightpence, and a tin snuff-box; with his last dying speech on the Scaffold.'

Executions In Paisley
This account begins: 'With some of its observations on the infrequency of these occurrences here the Glasgow Chronicle took occasion to favour us last week.' No publication details have been included.

Full and particular account
This report begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the Execution of JAMES STEVENSON, who was Hanged at Glasgow, on Wednesday Morning, the 1st of June, 1825, for Highway Robbery; with an Interesting Account of his Life and Transactions.'

Genuine and latest account
This broadside account begins: 'Genuine and latest account of the excution [sic] of John Campbell who suffered at Stirling ?'. There are no details of a date or place of publication.

Gilmerton Murderers, &c.
This report begins: 'A sketch of the Conduct, Transactions and Behaviour of DAVID DOBBIE and JOHN THOMSON, who were Executed on Wednesday the 18th August, for Assault, Murder and Robbery, with their Last Dying Confession, and Behaviour on the Scaffold, &c.' This sheet was published by R. Menzies of the Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, and cost three-halfpence.

Highland Man's Lament
This execution notice begins: 'For the death of Donald Bayn, alias M'evan Vanifranck, who was Execute in the Grass Market of Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 9th Day of January 1723.' The lament begins:'TOnald Bayn her nane dear Shoy, / Maks a' Folk sad save Robin Roy'.

Highland Man's Lament
Verse 1: 'Tonald Bayn, her nane dear Shoy, / Maks a' Folk sad save Robin Roy / Who kend him sin he was a Boy, / her nane sell Swons, / To think he'd hangs like Gilderoy, by Loulan Louns.' The lament is 'For the Death of Donald Bayn, alias M'evan Vanifranck, who was Execute in the Grass Market of Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 9th Day of January 1723' and added in pencil: ['For Robbery he dyed denying most of the crimes he was condemned for'].

Horrid Murder
This report begins: ' An Account of the Execution of Margaret Henderson, an Interesting Woman of Eighteen years of age, who was Executed at the New Drop, London, on Monday the 15th March, 1824, for the Cruel and Barbarous Murder of her male Bastard Child, by Cutting its Throat, Concealing it in her Bed-room and afterwards Throwing its Mangled Body into the Fire, where it was discovered nearly Burnt to Ashes, by her fellow Servant, and her Body given for Dissection; together with a very Affecting Letter written to her Mother the night before her Execution.' It was published by James Dogherty of Edinburgh in March 1824 and priced at one penny.

Jacobite attack on Francis Hoar's house, London
This riot report begins: 'A full and prticular Account of five Men that were executed at London for raising a dreadful Mob, in the Behalf of the Pretender.' This report was first printed in London and then reprinted in Edinburgh, although no publishers are given.

Lamentation for George Gilchrist, Under sentence of Death in Edinburgh
This lamentation begins: 'Come all ye night walkers a warning take by me, / Now I have received my sentence to die most shamefully / On the third day of August, at the head of Libberton Wynd, / You will behold my wretch fate, a warning take in time.'

Lamentation of George Gilchrist
This text begins: 'Now under sentence of death in Edinburgh. / If I had been contented, and carried on my trade, / I would have been much happier, and money would have made, / But I was hast'ning to be rich, and fell into a snare, Which I would tell to every one to make them all beware.' This sheet was published by J. Neil & Co.

Lamentation of Nicol Mucshet of Boghall
This lamentation begins: 'THE SORROWFUL LAMENTATION OF NICOL MUCSHET of BOGHALL. Who was execute in the Grass-Market of Edinburgh, on the 6th. of January, 1721. For murdering of his Wife: With his last Dying Speech, and Farewell to the World.'

Last Speech and Confession
This execution notice continues: 'And last words of Thomas Neilson, who was Executed at Maybol, on Thursday, being the 14th of August, 1718. For Mudering one Named M'Connel, is the Parish of Girvan.'

Last Speech and Confession of Mrs Mary Baker
This broadside begins: 'Who was Hang'd at Tyburn, on Wednesday the 23d of September 1759 for Marrying three and twenty Husbands; with her Life and Conversation, and an exact Accompt of all her Husbands Names, their Places of abode, and the Lasses they systain'd by her : Together with her Farewel to the World.'

This broadside begins: 'This production of Alexander Pennicuick [Pennecuik] possesses considerable humour. The last speech begins: 'QUHAN Hangie saw death drawing near, / The carle grew in ane unco fear'. Printed under the title is the note, '[From Pennicuick's MSS. Advocate's Library]'.

Last Speech of Coll Oxburgh
This execution notice continues: 'Who was Executed at TYBURN MAY 14th, 1716. / Delivered by him to the Sheriffs, and Printed at LONDON by their Order.' This speech was then republished in Scotland, in the same year, by William Adam's Junior, of the Tron Church, Edinburgh. This sort of cribbing and reprinting was common.

Last speech of James Shepherd.
This broadside begins: 'THE LAST SPEECH and Dying Words of James Shepherd who was Exceuted for high Treason.' A note at the bottom of the broadside informs the reader that it was printed in Edinburgh in 1718.

Last Words and Dying Declaration of Jock Heigh the Hangman
This broadside begins: 'Just Published, the Last Speech, Confession and Dying Declaration of JOCK HEIGH, the Hangman; also an Account of his Strange an Siungular Behaviour on the Scaffold, on Monday morning, at the Execution of James Bell, with some just Remarks on that Shameful occasion.' Published by Wallam (William) Reid, of Edinburgh, in 1835.

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