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Fatal Love!
This crime report begins: 'Or an account of that Cruel and Inhuman Murder which was committed on the body of MARY JOHNSTON, a young Servant Girl, near Blackburn, on Friday last July 4th, 1823, by JOHN WATSON, Cotton-spinner, in the same place, who pretended to be Sweetheart. Also, a copy of the Letter sent by him in order to decoy her to the place where he committed the horrid deed, with this young woman's answer.' This sheet was printed for John Thom of Edinburgh and sold for the price of a penny a sheet.

Fate of Johnny Johnson
This ballad begins: 'Let us Christian people / For a moment contemplate / On that awful crime at Whifflet / On young Johnny Johnston's fate, / At the age of thirteen, murdered, / All in secret, in a room, / Which had chilled the hearts of thousands / When report spread of his doom.' The sheet was published by William Markham Brown of 3 Davidson Street, Airdrie.

Final words of Margaret Cunninghame before her execution
This report begins: 'Last speech of MARGARET CUNNINGHAME before her exeution, Who was executed at the west end of the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 7th of January, for the horrid crime of poisoning John Mason, her husband, in February last, and her body given for Dissection.' The name of the publisher is not included on this broadside.

Forty Whiteboys Sentenced to Death!!
This broadside begins: 'An Account of the Proceedings of the Special Commission at Cork for the Trials of the Whiteboys, when nearly FORTY unfortunate Human Beings received the awful sentence of Death; several of whom, were ordered for Execution on Monday last 25th day of Feb., 1822, and their bodies to be given for Dissection.' It was published by John Muir of Glasgow, and probably cost one penny.

Full and particular account
This broadside crime report begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of the Trial and Sentence of James Anderson and David Glenn, who are to be Executed at the spot where the crime was committed, on Friday, the 12th December 1823, for the Murder of John M'Clure, and their bodies to be given for Disaection.' Printed in 1823.

Full and particular account
This report begins 'A full and particular account of the trlal and sentence of Hugh M'Millian and Euphemia M'Millian, the last of whom is to be evecuted at Edinburgh?'. There is no date or place of publication.

Genuine Copy
This crime report begins: 'The Last Speech, Confession, and dying Declaration of JAMES M'KAEN, who was Executed at the Cross of Glasgow on a new erected Gibbet, on Wednesday the 25th of January 1797, and his body given to the Professor of Anatomy.' This report was extracted from the 'Historical Narrative of M'KAEN'S Life and Transactions', which was published by Brash and Reid of Glasgow.

Gilchrist, James
This account begins: 'A particular account of the Behaviour of James Gilchrist, who was executed at the Cross of Glasgow, on Wednesday the 20th of July, 1808, pursuant to his sentence, for the cruel and barbarous murder of Margaret Brock, his wife, and his body given for dissection.' The printer was Thomas Duncan, probably the same Thomas Duncan who had printing presses in Glasgow.

Gilmerton Murderers
This crime report begins: 'Here you have the Melancholy and Penitent Address to the Public, by David Dobie and John Thompson, dated from their Cells in the Calton Jail, where they are now awaiting the execution of their sentence on Wednesday morning'. This account was published by Forbes and Owen of 118 High Street, Edinburgh. A handwritten note of the date, 14th August 1830, has been added.

Haddington Murders!
This crime account begins: 'The Life, History, and Transaction of Robert Emonds, with his Confession of the manner in which he committed the Murders; also the Life and History of his wife, and Mrs Franks and her daughter.' This sheet was published by Glass, on Monday 15th February [1830]. Two woodcuts are included on this sheet to increase its attractiveness and it would have sold for, unusually, two pence a sheet.

Hare's Confession and Death !
This crime report begins: 'Awful Death and Confession of HARE, the notorious associate of Burke, the West Port murderer, who died in the parish of Orrey, County of Tyrone, on Saturday, the 29th May, 1841.' This sheet was published by G. Whitelaw

Hare's Dream!
The ballad begins: 'Good people all give ear to what I say, / 'Twill make your very blood run cold, / And fill you with dread dismay, / When the truth to you I've told.' This broadside was priced at one penny. The sheet has had two related articles pasted to it. One is an advertisement for a full report of the trial of William Burke and Helen McDougal, for the murder of Margery Campbell. The other is a short report from the Edinburgh Evening Post claiming that 'investigation into the late criminal transactions has been renewed'.

Horrible Confession!
This broadside begins: 'A Full, True, and Particular Account of the LAST SPEECH, CONFESSION, and DYING DECLARATION of JOHN MURDOCK, (one of the Emigrants who lately left this country for America) who was Executed at Brockville, in Upper Canada . . . for the Horrible, Barbarous, and Inhuman Murder of his own Brother, by knocking him on the head with a large Axe, and afterwards Burying him Alive, while Cutting Timber in the Woods together.' The sheet was published in 1821, probably in Scotland. It is unusual for a story of this nature to travel so far.

Horrible Murder
This crime report begins: 'A true account of that horrible murder that was committed at Kilsyth 12 miles from Glasgow on Saturday, 6th April, 1822; when a young man in a cruel manner murdered his own father, by stabbing him in the belly with a large knife.'

Horrid and Barbarous Murder
This report begins, 'Horrid and Barbarous MURDER. Committed upon the Body of Mary Thomson, By her sweet-heart David Brown, A FARM SERVANT NEAR CARLISLE, Who Seduced her under promise of Marriage,--and when, on account of her pregnancy, she became urgent on their marriage, he appointed to meet her at Lime Wood, where, in a lonely spot, he stabbed her with a knife, and then threw her into the pond, with a quantity of stones tied into her shawl. With an account of the wonderful discovery of the body, on which was found the letter of appointment,---and which led to the apprehension of the perpetrator of the dreadful crime.' Published by William Sanderson of Edinburgh.

Horrid and Barbarous Murder of Helen M'Dougal
Following on from the title, this crime report continues: 'Wife of the Miscreant BURKE, who was Strangled to Death by a number of Women at Deanstone Mills about a mile from Doun near Perth.' The sheet it dated the 25th of April, 1829, and was most likely published in Glasgow. A note at the foot of the sheet states it was 'Printed for D. Glen'.

Horrid Murder
This crime report begins: ' An Account of a Murder that was committed in Bridgeton on Sunday morning last, the 16th March 1823. on the body of a young man, named Peter O'Niel, when 5 different wounds were made in his body, & the apprehension of a man charged with the murder.' It was published by Mayne & Co of Glasgow.

Horrid Murder
This report begins: 'A true and particular account of William and Alexander Thomson, two brothers, who were hanged upon the new drop of Exeter, on Friday, 28th. May 1830 for the murder of their father.' It was published by W. Robertson of Edinburgh, in 1830.

Horrid Murder
This crime report begins: 'An Account of the Barbarous and Inhuman Murder of Mrs Franks and her Daughter, with the Wonderful Manner the Murders were discovered.' It was published by T. Robertson in Haddington, East Lothian.

Horrid Murder
This crime report begins: 'A Full, True and Particular Account of that most Horrid and Barbarous Murder, committed by JAMES FRASER, a chimney-sweeper, in Blackfriars' Wynd, this day, on the body of his own Wife, by striking her on the back of the head with a leaden bullet.' A 'bullet' in this context refers to a piece of apparatus used by a chimney sweep, rather than to a round of ammunition. The broadside was published by Sanderson of Edinburgh.

Horrid Murder
This report begins: ' An Account of the Execution of Margaret Henderson, an Interesting Woman of Eighteen years of age, who was Executed at the New Drop, London, on Monday the 15th March, 1824, for the Cruel and Barbarous Murder of her male Bastard Child, by Cutting its Throat, Concealing it in her Bed-room and afterwards Throwing its Mangled Body into the Fire, where it was discovered nearly Burnt to Ashes, by her fellow Servant, and her Body given for Dissection; together with a very Affecting Letter written to her Mother the night before her Execution.' It was published by James Dogherty of Edinburgh in March 1824 and priced at one penny.

Horrid Murder
This broadside report begins: 'A Full True and Particular Account of a Cruel and Dreadful MURDER, committed on the Bodies of Two ORPHAN CHILDREN, by Mrs LONG, their Mother-in-law, at Gainsboro', in Linconshire, on the 26th January, 1824, and who also attempted to Cut her own Throat.' This report sold for a penny and was published in Edinburgh by Alexander Turnbull.

Horrid Murder!
This crime report begins: 'A full, true and particular Account of that most Horrid and Atrocious murder, committed on the body of a respectable old gentleman of the name of Millie, in the neighbourhood of Cupar, in Fife; together with the apprehension of his man-servant, named Henderson, on suspicion of having perpetrated this barbarous deed, and who is now lodged in Cupar jail.' It was published by Felix O'Neill, and taken from the 'Edinburgh Observer'.

Horrid Parricide
This crime report begins: 'An account of the awful and inhuman Murder of PETER MOFFAT, Carter in Kilsyth, by his own Son, on Tuesday the 2d of April, 1822, who cruelly stabbed his father several times in the belly, so that he died soon after.' It was published by John Muir. The report is not dated.

Hue and Cry, Atrocious Murder and Robbery
This crime report begins: 'AT Five o'clock this Evening WILLIAM BEGBIE, Porter to the British Linen Company at Leith, was Stabbed and Murdered in Tweedale's Close, leading to the British Linen Company's Office at Edinburgh, and Robbed of a Sealed Parcel, in a Yellow Canvas Bag, containing the following particulars . . .' The publisher was Alexander Smellie of Edinburgh, and the broadside is dated November 13th, 1806.

Inhuman Atrocity!
This crime report begins: 'A Full and Particular ACCOUNTof a most HORRID and INHUMAN MURDER, committed a few days ago, at Sunnybrae, Parish of Saline, in Fife, on the Body of a New Born Infant, by its own Unnatural Mother, who put it on a large Fire, by which it was nearly consumed before Discovered! / The following Paragraph, copied from the "The Edinburgh Observer," this morning, is truly shocking.' This sheet would have cost a penny to purchase.

Interesting address
This report begins: 'Copy of a very interesting ADDRESS to the prisoners in Jedburgh, Greenlaw and Berwick Jails, written, and delivered to a Friend a few hours before his Death, by ROBERT SCOTT, who was Executed on Wednesday 29th October, 1823, on the Road between Earlston and Greenlaw, for the Murder of Two Men, and his body given for Dissection.' It was published by James MacLean, probably of Glasgow, in 1823, and priced at one penny.

Jamie Wilson's Mother's Dream
This ballad is prefaced by a woodcut depicting a crest and someone in a coffin, and a verse which reads: 'Poor Jamie ne'er was shrowded, / But in a Tea-chest crowded; / With Coffin ne'er connected, / But by the knife dissected.' Verse 1 reads: 'DARK, dark and drizzly was the night, / And lang lang after gloamin', / When Jamie's Mother lonely sat/ His absence sair bemoanin'.' The poem was written by A. Gowrie. The broadside was published by W. Smith of No. 3 Bristo Port, Edinburgh.

Lament for Dr Pritchard's Children
This lament begins: 'Oh, you kind hearted people think of Pritchard's children, / Who are five in number that are left to mourn / For the loss of their mother that reared them so tender, / And their grandmother too, who will never return.'

Lament of Macfarlane, Blackwood and Young
The first lament begins: 'EACH feeling heart pray lend an ear / Unto this mournful tale, / It will draw a tear of sympathy, / I'm sure it cannot fail ; / It's of three wretched criminals, / In prison now we lie, / For the murder of Alexander Boyd / We are condemned to die.'

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