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This report begins, 'Just Published, an Account of the Trial of the Rev. MR TAIT, Minister of the College Church, before the Presbytery of Edinburgh, which met this day in the Trustee's Hall, head of Scott's Close.' Published in Edinburgh by A. McMillan. The broadside is not dated.

Weasel Uncas'd, or the In and Outside of a Priest Drawn to the Life
Verse 1: 'A Protestant Priest, a Man of great Fame, / To be Rich and Great was his only Aim, / It was Dr Weasel, the very same, / Which no body can deny.'

William Sankey
This broadside begins: 'WILLIAM SANKEY, BOLDLY STATES, IN MERCHANTS' HALL, That every Evangelical is a Heretic; --- "All the Ministers have no commission from God;" --- "They are accursed;" --- and "All the churches are Synagogues of Satan."' There are no publication details included on this sheet.

Wonderful Case!
This story begins: 'A strange and wonderful Account of a Rev. and well beloved Clergyman in London, who died a few days ago, and remained in that state for eighteen hours, and who, after being dressed in dead clothes, and laid out to be coffined, to the great surprise, terror and astonishment of all present, started up in bed, and, at great length, described the most wonderful sights he had seen, and what, he said, was to happen in the United Kingdoms in a short time.' The sheet was published by Francis McCartney of Edinburgh.

Yankee Sermon
This religious text begins: 'MY Beloved Brethern - I'm an unlarnt Hardshell Baptist Preacher, of whom you've hearn afore, and I now appear here to expound the Scripters, and pint out the Narrer Way'. Decorative woodcuts have been included on the sheet.

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