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Murder, &c.
This crime report begins: 'Full, True, and Particular Account of the apprehension of three men for that most horrid Murder committed upon the Body of Helen MacKenzie, in Rosshire?a murder which has excited so much horror throughout all Scotland, that the Lord Advocate sent Mr Stoddart, Advocate, into Ross-shire, for the express purpose of trying to discover the murderers.' This sheet was published by Forbes and Owen of the 'First Stair in the Close', the High Street, Edinburgh.

Murder, &c., Musselburgh Links
This broadside report begins: 'A full true and particular Account of the Murder of a child at Musselburgh, yesterday morning, and of the apprehension of a woman who had left the Edinburgh City Workhouse the day before, and of her examination before the magistrates . . .' Below this prologue, is the introduction to a story about the loss of a packet ship called 'Boston', which was struck by lightning and sunk with all hands. Although the date of publication and name of the publisher are not included, the story was sourced from 'The Courant' newspaper.

Murder. Fourth Edition - Authentic Particulars
This report begins: 'A Fourth Edition, containing New and Interesting Particulars of that most heart-rending and cruel Rape, Robbery, and Murder, of Margaret Paterson, at Gutterdike near Gilmerton, on the night of Saturday, the 24th of April, 1830, -- together with a particular and accurate Account of the unheard of manner in which the Monsters occasioned the death of their victim, to the everlasting Disgrace of civilised society, -- and also an accurate Account and Description of the two Men who are charged with committing this truly Fearful Crime, and of the Precognition taking against them by the Sheriff of the County, -- and likewise the pious conduct of the ill fated, Murdered Margaret Paterson, on her Death-Bed, a few minutes before she expired, -- being a True and Faithful account of this Dreadful Affair, never any where published except in this paper.'

Murder: An Elegy
This memorial notice begins: 'An Elegy on the lamented Death of Alexander Cairns, who was barbarously murder'd on Thursday last'. The elegy begins: 'WHat dismal News approach our listning Ears, / Which fills our Hearts with Grief, our Eyes with Tears.' Handwritten on the sheet is the date 'Aug 15th 1728'.

Murderer Daniel Grimshire
This execution notice begins: 'An account of the Trial and Sentence, and Execution of DANIEL GRIMSHIRE, which took place at Reading, in Berkshire, on Thursday, 4th March 1824, for the Cruel and Inhuman Murder of his own child, by pouring Boiling Hot Water down its Throat'.

Murderer Owen Brady
This crime report begins: '[Dubline May 17th 1717.] / A Full and True / ACCOUNT / OF / A most Horrid, Barbarous, and Bloody / MURTHER / Committed by Owen Brady a Porter, Living in White Fryer's Lane, who most babarously Murther'd his own two Children, this present Friday being May the 17th, 1717.' This sheet was printed in Dublin, and reprinted in Edinburgh at the foot of Horse Wynd.

Murderer Robert Irving
This crime report begins: 'A / DECLARATION / OF / Mr. ROBERT IRVING, / Who Murdered John and Alexander Gordon's, / Edinburgh, 29 April, 1717.'

Murdering publican in the Scottish Highlands, nineteenth century
This report begins: 'A Horrible Account of a Man who kept a public-house in the Highlands who murdered and Robbed almost every person that stopped in his house, giving an account of a man who stopped in his house, with a curious discovery of the landlord.' The report is apparently written by Sandy McToysh, although no date or other publication details are provided.

Murderous Outrage in Fife
This crime report begins: 'A Full and Particular Account of that most Murderous Outrage that was committed on the body of George McDonald, a flax-dresser belonging to Dundee, by a person of the name of Robert Demster, a plasterer and slater from Cupar.' The broadside is priced at one penny.

Murders of Sir John Hay, Andrew Gray and Janet Stewart
This murder report begins: 'AN ACCOUNT OF A Horriod and Bloody Mnrder, committed in Kellso, by William Bolamgall, Shoe-Maker in Kellso. Upon Sir John Hay, Quarter-master to the Royal Gray's, and Andrew Gray, his Father's Apprentce, and Jannet Stewart their Servant Maid.' This broadside was printed in Edinburgh in 1720.

This murder report begins: 'An Account of these two Murders, the one committed, on Tuesday evening last, the 5th September, 1826, on the Body of Mrs ALEXANDER, residing at the foot of Leith Wynd, Edinburgh, by her own Husband; and the other, last night, Monday the 11th September, 1826, on the Body of a young man of the name of BAIN, a Hatter, in the West Port, who was killed on the spot.' This broadside is dated the 12th September, 1826.

Only True Account
This report begins: 'Of the execution of Catherine Davidson, who was executed at Aberdeen on Friday last, for the murder of her husband, by pouring vitriol down his throat; with the confession which she made. With an account of a remarkable circumstance which happened about 40 years ago at the execution of a woman in Aberdeen, when the executioner threw the rope among the crowd, which struck her on the breast.' This story was sourced from the 'Caledonian Mercury' of Monday Oct. 11, 1830, and the broadside was published by John Muir.

Piratical seizure of a French vessel
This crime report begins: 'We have the following Account of a horrid Murder committed by Pirates on the Coast of Ireland, and how they threw the Crew over board.' Four pirates, three named John Eustace or Philip Roch, Richard Neale and Francis Wise, seized a French vessel, mastered by Peter Tartoue, on the voyage from Cork, Ireland to Nantes, France.

Recent Gilmerton Murder!
This crime report begins: 'The Latest Account of interesting particulars relative to these most Iniquitous and Horrid Transactions, which lately took place near Gilmerton, in the County of Edinburgh. / (Extracted from the North Briton Newspaper of this day, Wednesday, 5th May 1830).' This sheet was published by John Craig.

Recent Gilmerton murder!
This report begins: 'The Latest Account of interesting particulars relative to these most Iniquitous and Horrid Transactions, which lately took place near Gilmerton, in the county of Edinburgh. (Extracted from the North Briton newspaper of this day, Wednesday 5th May 1830.)' This sheet was published by John Craig of Edinburgh.

Recent Murders
Verse 1: 'God prosper long our noble king, / Our lives and safeties all, / I'll sing of murders that till now, / Did never yet befal'. The text preceding this reads: 'A NEW SONG. / Tune, - "Chevy Chase"'. There are no publication details attached.

Respite of James Wemyss
This public notice begins: 'This unhappy man, who was to have been executed this morning, has received a respite of his fatal sentence for the period of ten days'. It was published in Edinburgh, on Monday 6th April, 1840, by Sanderson.

Robert Stirrat's
This ballad begins: 'Confession of the Murder of his own Aunt in John Street, Glasgow. / The morning was calm, and it dawned with joy, / To the hearts of the weary, now freed from employ. / And the day it was sacred, to rest set apart, / When Stirrat resolved to pierce his aunt's heart.' This sheet was published by the printer William Carse.

Rumour of Burking in Leith
This broadside report begins: 'A Full, True, and Interesting Account of the Serious Rumours at present afloat of Two Fish-Women being missed in Leith within a few days past, and of their bodies having been found hidden in a barrel, -- as also of the apprehension of the suspected individual.' The sheet was published by George Craig of Edinburgh, and cost one penny.

Second Edition
This report begins: 'An account of the trial and sentence of Robert Emond, who was tried at Edinburgh on Monday last, for the horrid murder and robbery of his sister-in-law and his niece, in the village of Abbey, near Haddington, by cutting their throats, and nearly severing their heads from their body; he was found guilty and sentenced to be executed at Edinburgh, on Wednesday 17th day of March next.--Glasgow 9th February, 1830.' Printed in Glasgow for John Muir.

Second Edition of the Dreadful Murder
This crime report begins: 'AWFUL BEGINNING OF THE NEW YEAR. / A full, true and particular Account of the most Horrid and Barbarous Murder of Mrs Calderhead, wife of Alexander Calderhead, Potato Dealer, Dunbar Street, in Fountainbridge . . . . . ' This sheet was published by the Edinburgh printers Forbes and Owen and was partly sourced from the 'Courant'.

Second Edition. Case of supposed Murder of a Child
This crime report begins: 'Full, True, and particular account of the apprehension of that unfortunate young woman, on the charge of killing her own child, which was found dead in a coal cellar, on Friday last, in Heward Place ; also an account of her commitment to the Calton Jail, to await her trial for the alleged Mnrder.' It was published by Forbes and Co of Edinburgh. These editions were sourced from the newspapers the 'North Briton' and the 'Caledonian Mercury'.

Second last speech of Mort Collins
This broadside begins: 'The second last Speech of Mort Collins, who was execute at Glasgow on Wednesday the seventh of Novr. 1792, for the murder of John Panton, giving an account of his behaviour in prison and on the scaffold. To which is added the copy of a letter with his own hand to a friend. Also, the copy of a letter he received from Capt. Cook, while under sentence of death.'

Shocking and Disgraceful Murder
This crime report begins: 'Full, true and particular Account of the horrid and cruel murder of James Gough of the Royal Artillery, who was barbarously stoned to death by three men, on Sunday night: Together with the apprehension of the Murderers.' This report was sourced from 'this Day's Observer, Aug 14', and printed by Forbes and Co. of the Cowgate, Edinburgh, most likely between 1832 and 1833.

Shocking Murder
This crime report begins: 'Account of one of the most Shocking Murders ever read of, committed by John M Wil[l]iams, at Midgeville, on the Body of his own Wife, by Stabbing her in several parts of the Body, and cutting her Throat from Ear to Ear; also an acccount of his Murdering his own Infant only Eight days old, by dashing it to the ground, and throwing it over the window, on Tuesday the 8th of January, 1824; likewise an account of the gallant manner in which he was seized by a servant Girl.' This was sourced from the Examiner newspaper and printed in Edinburgh in January 1823 or 1824, priced at one penny.

Sorrowful Lamentation
Following on from the title, the report continues: 'Who are now lying under Sentence of Death at Ayr, M'Manus for Murder, and Gibson for Assault and Robbery, and are to be executed on the 27th May, 1814.' This crime report takes the form of a separate lamentation from the two condemned prisoners, with both of the lamentations written in ballad format. The opening line of the first lamentation reads: 'You profligate young men, give ear & attend'. The opening line of the second lamentation reads: 'O now, when too late, I perceive my bad choice'.

Suicide of William Pollock
This public notice begins: 'A Full True and Particular Account of the Suicide committed by WILLIAM POLLOCK, in the Jail of Edinburgh, yesterday morning, the 20th March 1826, who was condemned to be Executed here tomorrow'. This sheet was published by J. Cumming of Edinburgh and would have cost a penny to buy.

Suicide of Wm. Pollock!
This report begins: 'A Full True and Particular Account of the Suicide committed by William Pollock, in the Jail of Edinburgh, yesterday morning, the 20th March 1826, who was condemned to be Executed here tomorrow (Wednesday the 22d current) for the Murder of his own Wife; together with a copy of his LETTER to Mr Young, Governor of the Jail, &c.' The broadside was priced at one penny and was published by J. Cumming of Edinburgh.

Supposed Murder
This report begins: 'Account of that Horrid and Barbarous Murder, which a Baker supposed he had committed on the body of his Wife in Glasgow, on Tuesday last, the 15th March, 1827, and for which he has undergone a public investigation.' This report was sourced from the 'Free Press', 17th March 1827.

Suspected Murders
This crime report begins: 'A Full True and Particular Account of the discovery of no less than Four Dead Bodies, on Saturday last, in different parts of Edinburgh, under violent suspicion of more than one of them having been murdered, - namely, the body of Alexander Kennedy, fifty-one years of age, found in Hunter's Close, Grassmarket . . .the finding of the body of a young woman in Princes Street, packed up in a box . . . The finding of the body of an infant near the Canal Basin . . . And the finding of the body of another infant in the Canongate Church Yard.' The publisher was Forbes and Owen of 118 High Street, Edinburgh. The date is not supplied.

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