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Broadside ballads entitled 'The Caledonain Laddie' and 'Sich a Getting Up Stairs'



Blythe Sandy is a bonny boy,
And always is a wooing, O,
He is e'er so bold and kind,
Although he is a wooing, O !


Last night he press'd me to his breast,
And vow'd he'd ask my daddy, O !
O dear ! he'd wed me, he confest,
My Caledonian Laddie, O !
My bonny, bonny, Highland boy,
My bonny, bonny, Highland boy,
My bonny, bonny, Highland boy,
Is my Caledonian Laddie, O !

The maidens tried both far and near,
To gain young Sandy over,
But all their hearts I do na' fear,
He will not prove a rover.
Last night he press'd, &c.

The other day from Dundee fair,
He brought me home a bonnet,
With cap and ribbons for my hair,
But mark what soon came on it,
Last night he press'd, &c.

As late at Kirk we some how stood,
Thus softly said my laddie, O ;
He'd marry me, do all I could,
In spite of mam or daddie, O !
Last night he press'd, &c.



J. Harkness, Printer, Church Street, Preston.

At Kentuck last night a party met,
Dey say dem going to hab a treat ;
From de old town dere cum the great and small,
To hab a dance at de nigger ball.

And dere was such a getting up stairs,
And playing on de fiddle,
Sich a getting up stairs,
I neber did see.

Massa Brown came in his macintosh,
Wid him hair all frizzled like a bumkie squash,
Him smoke sigar ob de best Havan,
Wid a watch as big as a frying pan.

Missa Tongou was drest in her Sunday clothes,
But where her get 'em nobody knows,
Den dere was Miss Dinah, sweet,
Coming Taglioni at the corner ob a street.

A watchman was sent for to keep de peace,
And dragg'd de whole party before de police,
And in de morning how dey stare,
To see demselves before de mayor.

Miss Samba Bumm was de first dey call,
De mayor looked so?it did her appall,
Den twice she fainted quite away,
And on de ground de poor girl did lay.

De load mayor cried, be det de rigg ?
He pulled off him hat, and threw away him wig,
Which made de parties all declare,
Dat 'em neber again go before de mayor.

Den home dey went to dere house straightway,
And den dere was de debil to play !
Miss Samba Bumm herself disgrace,
She fought and tore poor Massa Brown's face.

De ladies all did scratch and tear,
Dere clothes, you must know, all had a share,
De watchman come and de poor girl throttle,
And she broke him head with a blacking bottle.

Den before de mayor dey were took again,
And ebery one him did detain,
Some to pick oakham?it was him will,
And oders to grind on de tread-mill,


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Probable period of publication: 1860-1880   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(327)
Broadside ballads entitled 'The Caledonain Laddie' and 'Sich a Getting Up Stairs'
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