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Broadside regarding Captain John Bruce


A True COPY of the Paper delivered to the Sheriff, by Captain JOHN
BRUCE, who was Execute at Lancaster the 2d of October, 1716.            


I Am brought to this Place to discharge the Debt I owe to Nature, and do chearfully
resign to the Blessed Will of Almighty GOD; whose Mercies I adore, in that He
has afforded me His Grace and Means sincerely to Repent me of my past Sins, and
such Time to prepare for that blessed and glorious Change, which I hope to meet with
in a few Minutes.

I'm not ashamed for that Gause for which I die ; but rejoice that I am worthy to be
a Sacrifice, in the Vindication of the undoubted Right of my Lawful and Natural Liege
Lord King James the Third, and the Expiring Liberties of my dear Country.

I always believed the Hereditary Right of Succession to the Imperial Crowns of these
Realms, to be a Fundamental and Unalterable Part of the Constitution; and could never
think that any Difference in Religion, or any of the pretended Laws which never yet
received the Regal Assent of any Lawful King, could aniwise disengage me, or any ho-
nest Man, from that Duty and Allegiance which is due to our lawful Sovereign King
James the Third, whose Title, by Birthright, is clear and unquestionable : And was
therefore engaged, by the strictest Obligations of true Honour, Religion and Law, to
join with his Majesty's Loyal Subjects, in the Just Endeavours to Restore him to his Rights,
and break thro' the Usurpation and Fence of Rebellion, which hath so long kept him
from them. GOD, in His Mercy, forgive these Kingdoms, incline the Hearts of the
People, as one Man, to bring in their Lawful King ; and free themselves from the merci-
less Tyranny they now groan under.

I'm now grown in Years, and not much short of what the Royal Psalmist calls the Age
of Man; and have known many Struggles, in order to preserve the Constitution, and
sinking Liberty of the People, and several Turns and Changes that have ensued: In all
which, praised be GOD, I preserved my Integrity, by a strict Adherence to my King
and Country; opposing as far as in me lay, the Innovations that were daily introduced to
the Injury of the one, and enslaving of the other.

As one Wickedness is, the Parent of another, so the Revolution begat the Union, and
from these Sources flow the Whalers of Bitterness, which the Good People of these Na-
tions so plentifully drink of at this Time. May GOD, of His infinite Mercy, work
their speedy Deliverance, and restore them to their ancient happy Constitution and Go-

As for my Religion, I was bred up a Protestant according to the Doctrine and Dis-
cipline of the Church of England, wherein I have ever liv'd, and in which, by GOD'S
Grace and Mercy, I shall die. It taught me to give both GOD and my King Their
Due, to deal justly with all Men, forgive mine Enemies, and expect Salvation thro' Jesus
Christ. Her Doctrine and Government I embrace, and pray GOD to restore her to
her former Purity, Peace and Prosperity.

I beseech all whom I have anywise offended to forgive me, as I, from the Bottom of
my Heart, do all who have anywise injured me, and particularly those who were con-
cerned in my Prosecution, or anywise Instrumental in promoting my Death. I forgive
that greatest of Injuries, their surprising me into a Confession of their Indictment, by
bringing me to a Trial Two Days before the Time mentioned in their Notice, and with-
out ever giving me any Copy of their Jury; being a Scotsman, and a Stranger to the
Laws of England, I was the more liable to be imposed upon : GOD forgive them,
as I freely do.

I think it incumbent on me to take this last Opportunity, of vindicating my Honour
from that Report which traduced me as unfaithful to his Grace the Duke of Hamilton,
whilst I had the Honour, which was about 24 Years, to be with him as a Companion and
humble Servant: And here by declare, upon the Words of a Dying Man, and as I shall
answer it before Almighty GOD, That what hath been said to asperse me upon that
Account, was intirely False; and any Displeasure his Grace conceived against me con-
cerning it, intirely Groundless. I always loved him, and dealt faithfully by that Noble
Duke, as GOD, the Righteous Judge, will witness for me.

Thus have I discharged my Conscience, and now, blessed be Almighty GOD, that
hath brought me to this happy Period of my Pilgrimage. I have finished a long
Course, and adhered, without Wavering, to my King, the LORD's Anointed, his
Cause ; for, and in which I die: And I hope this Day to be with my Saviour, tran-
slated thither, to rejoice with other Loyal Sufferers, and all the Saints and Angels, for

LANCASTER,                               Sie Subscribitur,   JOHN BRUCE.

October 2. 1716.

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Date of publication: 1716   shelfmark: APS.4.96.29
Broadside regarding Captain John Bruce
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