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Broadside entitled 'Horrid Circumstance in a Druggist's Shop in Town'




In a Druggist's Shop in Town.

Account of that strange circumstance which took
place on Sunday night last in a Druggist's shop in
Glasgow ; the shopman and another person invit-
ed two young women into it, where after giving to
them spirits, lozenges and powders, a most brutal
attack was made upon them in the shop, when one
of them made her escape, and the other was found
by the Police lying in the shop in a state of insen-
sibility. What they meant to do with the women
has not been ascertained.

(Copied from the Glasgow Chronicle of Nov. 15th).

At the Police Court, on Monday morning, a case of the most atrocious nature was
brought to the bar. Mr --, a Druggist in -- Street, was, along with a com-
panion, accused of inviting two girls of the town into his back shop on Sunday night
about half-past eight o'clock, and there persuading them to partake of spirits, lozen-
ges, and some powders. One of them took a small quantity of the spirits, but would
take none of the lozenges or powders that were offered her. The girl who received
the maltreatment deponed to the Court that she took two glasses and a half of the spi-
rits, also a few lozenges; and that the companion of Mr -- then took out of dif-
ferent boxes in the shop, several stuffs and powders, some of which were sourish, and
others of a sweetish taste. This unconscious girl swallowed a quantity of these drugs,
and in a few minutes afterwards became insensible; after which she could recollect
nothing of the circumstance until she found herself in the Police Office. Her compa-
nion was then called to the bar, and after corroborating upon oath the statements of
the pursuer, deponed that after the pursuer became insensible, Mr --'s compa-
nion kicked and maltreated her in a most shocking manner, although the pursker was
at that time motionless and insensible. Mr --, who, perhaps, thought that the
kicking was quite unnecessary, interponed in behalf of the pursuer, as did the other
girl ; but both were struck by the assailant, who wished not to be interfered with.-
During Mr --'s interposition, witness succeeded in making her escape by a back
door, ran out to the street, raised an alarm, and called " Police." The watchman on
that station was then called to the bar, and deponed, that about half-past eleven on the
night in question he heard a woman crying at the shop door of the druggist, and kick-
ing violently for admission ; on enquiring the cause of her conduct, he was informed
of the affair inside ; he called another watchman, with whom, along with a man who
was passing at the time, he entered the shop. On entering the back shop, witness saw
a woman lying on the floor on her right side in a state of complete nudity and appa-
rently flead ; on questioning the prisoners, they made some silly apologies. Mr --
said to the officers that he would carry out the woman by the back door and leave her
there, and advised them to say that they found her there in that state. The verdict
of assault being clearly proven against the prisoners, they were amerced in a fine of
5 each.

W. Carse, Printer, Glasgow.

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Probable date published: 1825-   shelfmark: APS.4.96.4
Broadside entitled 'Horrid Circumstance in a Druggist's Shop in Town'
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