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Broadside ballad entitled 'Dark Bonnymuir'



As evening dashed on the western ocean,
Caledonia stood perched on the waves of the Clyde ;
Her arms wide extended she raised with devotion,
'My poor bleeding   country' she vehemently eried,
Arise up my country and hail reformation ;
Arise and demand now the rights of our nation.
Behold your oppressers shall meet the desolation ;
That marked the brave victims at dark bonnycuir,

On the 5th of April, eighteen hundred and twenty,
The great Baird&Hardie did march from their hom   ;
To guard their freedom, homes, rights,   peace and plenty,
But tyranny conquered and gave them a tomb.
Like trailors they died on the 8th of September ;
In the cold silent grave they were consigned to slumber,
But heaven will avenge them let tyrants remember;
And raise up new hero's on Dark Bonnymuir,

Though freedom has bled on the field sorely wounded,
Shall liberty perish and die in Its bloom?
Shall tyranny triumph though freedom has grounded?
The arms of the hero's that lie ill in the tomb,
But freedom shall rise to the greatest prefection,
Avenging her wrongs with hard words of correction ;
When on my country with filial affection,
I sigh for the martyrs of Dark Bonnymuir.

How long shall tyrants usurp over freedom ?
How long shall we groan in their vile servlle
chains ?
Arise up my children & sink them like Sodom.
E'er sad desolation reigns over the plains;
O,muse on the day when great Wallace was
rearing,                         ( were fearing;
The broad sword of Scotland, when lyrants
At the sound of the trumpet were thousands
To die, or to conquer on Dark Bonnymuir.

Those dear sons of freedom prosperity shall
never,                                 ( disown;
Forget Baird and Hardie, who would them
In the breast of the country their memory
shall ever,                              (stone;
Be a monument more lasting than sculptured
Remembrance shall dwell on their tragical
But heaven shall reward them with bright
shining glory,
In regions far distant from Dark Bonnymuir.

But why should I pass that great patriot Wil-
Who died by oppressive and arbitery laws ;
He left his dear Straven, with a band of brave
Resolved to have justice, or die for the cause
But alas! he was taken while fate seemed to
All bloody his head they did cruelly siver.
But the heart of the country shall reverance
for ever;
The fate of great Wilson and Dark Bonny muir

No longer the enimiss of justice and freedom,
Shall make the sons of Scotia, in poverty to
Our noble patriotic Reformers shall make them
O, how shall we make them a grateful return.
Mechanics shall prosper, and commerce shall
The horu of plenty our country shall nourish,
When the tyrant and all despots shall perish,
With proseented freedom on Dark Bonnymuir.

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Probable date published: 1820   shelfmark: APS.4.86.4
Broadside ballad entitled 'Dark Bonnymuir'
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