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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Sea Captain'



There was a sea caption was married of late
Unto a young lady, and gained her estate,
He was a sea caption and bound for the sea,
Before he was bedded he was called away.

CHORUS.?Tara dillay, tara dillillay, dallay.

There was a young squire that lived near by,
And on this young lady he cast a long eye;
He called for his coach took his footman behind,
He went to the lady and bade her be kind.
It was early next morning the young squire arose,
He dressed himself in a suit of fine clothes.
With coachman, and footman, and butler so fine,
He went to the lady and bade her be kind.
He took her in his arms, and did her embrace,
He says my dear lady take this not amiss,
Your husband, the captain, is now gone from home,
I'll make him a cuckold before he returns.
He took her in his arms and gave her a kiss,
The slice off & cut loaf can never be missed,
She looked in his face with a heart very sore,
My husband, the captain, would call me a whore.
To bed the rich squire and the lady did go,
The cook and the coachman they followed also,
The housemaid and butler lay in the next room.
And the footman lay up in the garret with Jean.
Early next morning the lady came down,
She offered ten guineas to father a son.
He says my dear lady you need never fear,
I fathered a dozen this very same year.

O six months was over, and seven months were past,
This pretty young lady grew thick in the waist,
When eight months was over and nine months was com
That very same night the sea captain came home.
He took her in his arms, he did her embrace,
He says, my dear lady, you're thick in the waist,
It's nothing but fat the lady did say,
Would you have me grow slender since you went away;
When supper was over they sat in the hall,
This pretty young lady she gave a loud squall,
A colic, a colic, she cries, I am so bad with a colic,
I am sure I will die.
The doctor was sent for, and when he came there,
He ordered the housemaid a drink to prepare,
The housemaid made answer all in the next room,
I'm so bad with a colic I cannot come ben.
The doctor went ben her pulse for to feel,
She says I am sick from the neck to the heels,
The doctor said little but then shook his head,
My dear you'll be better when you're brought to bed.
The midwife was sent for, and when she came there,
She delivered the lady of a young son and heir,
The cook and the housemaid she delivered the same,
And Jean in the garret she ended the game.
When all things was over, the captain drew near,
Says he, for the joke sake, I'll forgive you my dear,
There is one question more tell me if you can,
If all those four children belong to one man.
It was a rich squire that did me beguile,
And all his men servants got my servants with child;
He says, my dear jewel, I care not for that,
Eor that very same night I had a jovial corrant.
As for the West Indies my course I did steen,
I met with a lady her beauty shone clear,
I asked her the question she did not deny it,
And for the same favour I gave her a boy.

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Probable date published: 1820-   shelfmark: APS.4.86.3
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Sea Captain'
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