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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Gallant Admiral'


S O N G.

T H E   

Gallant Admiral.

TUNE,?"Wha'll be King but Charlie."

Come awa, my gallant chield,
Ye canna come too early,
For Bruce o' Kennel's i' the field,
Keep back the Tory, Charlie.


Come quickly hither, gang round & gather,
Try the canrassing fairly,
Come, Electors a' thogither,
Whom should ye thoose but Charlie.

Bruce talks of independent mind,
And blaws his trumpet rarely,
But to reform was ne'er inclin'd,
As was our gallant Charlie.
Come quickly hither, &c.

For Charlie has redeem'd his pledge,
Discharg'd his duties fairly,
Whom find we first upon the page
Of Patriots true, but Charlie ?
Come quickly hither, &c.

Electors a', except a few,
They vow baith late and early,
" To nane we'll gie our votes but you :
" Wha gae us votes but Charlie ?"
Come quickly hither, &c.

To soothe our hearts, the Corn Laws
Ye'll try to balance fairly ;
Let farmers, weavers, ane and a',
Have equal justice, Charlie.
Come quickly hither, &c.

We trust ye'll freedom gie the slave,
And break his chains right early ;
Give honours due unto the brave,
Rewarding merit, Charlie,
Come quickly hither, &c.

Let Monop'lies be done awa,
And let our Trade gang fairly,
Repealing each Oppressive Law,
That clogs our Commerce, Charlie,
Come quickly hither, &c.

Ye ken the Bishops' pomp and pride,
Then Tithes oppress us sairly,
Just as they preach let them be paid,
With mod'rate stipends, Charlie.
    Come quickly hither, &c.

Our Mother Church in Scotia's land,
Our Fathers bought so dearly,
From iron grasp of Patrons' hand,
Try and relieve her, Charlie.
Come quickly hither, &c.

O ! could I raise a loftier strain,
And sing it sweet and clearly,
I'd praise thy Father's worthy name,
Walk in his footsteps Charlie.


Come quickly hither, gang round & gather,
Try the canvassing fairly,
Come, Electors a' thegither,
Whom should ye choose but Charlie.

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Probable period of publication: 1820-1840   shelfmark: APS.3.94.10
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Gallant Admiral'
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