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Broadside epigram regarding masons



Upon the most ANTIENT and   HONOURABLE   TRADE



By Mr. WILLIAM GEDDES, Late Minister at Urquhart.

AMong Mechanicks, MASONS I extoll,
      And with the best I doubt not to Enroll.
Before the Flood* Antiquity they Claime,                        *Antiquity and Noble Precedents.

The MASON then must have an antient Name.

When Godly* Enoch by his Divine Art,                                * Josephus de Antiq. Jud. Jude Epist

       He did foretell how that the World should smart

    By Fire and Water, he two Pillars made,

    The one with Brick, and one with Stone was laid :

    He wrote thereon all Sciences and Arts,

    Some knowledge to Diffuse in all Mens hearts.

    If Water came, the Stone might it endure ;

    The Brick the Fire ; so all continued sure.

    The* Moral-Law, in writ none could it have,                * EXOD. 32.

   Till GOD Himself in Stone he must it Grave.

For Hewing Stone, none can put you to shame,

The Corner-Stone, to JESUS is a Name :                        Honorable and mysterious Badge.
For this I think the MASON must be Blest,

From antient times he hath a Divine* Crest.                         *A Metaphore taken from a part of the coat of Arms.
A Character whereby they know each other,
And yet so Secret, none knows but a Brother.

All Temples, Turrets,*   Pallaces of Kings,                        * Noble and Stately Works
All Castles, Steeples, aud such other things :
Strong Holds and Houses, which do long endure,
Do owe all what they have to MASONS CURE.
All Courts great Grandeur, and Magnifick State,
What Pomp they have, from MASONS they doget ;

The strictest Laws they have for* Common-well,                *Law and order.
The greatest Charity when BRETHREN fail,

Symbols Divine, *Pomp, Dwelling, Law and Love ;                        *The sum of all
Few are the Men who do such Tradsmen prove.

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Probable date published: 1690-   shelfmark: APS.4.83.24
Broadside epigram regarding masons
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