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Broadside regarding the last words of John Knox





Who was Shot in the North-Inch of PERTH the 24th of AUGUST   
1716, about 7 in the Morning.

MY Friends and Country-men, being in a Few Minutes to appear be-
fore GOD's Tribunal to give Account of the Deeds done in the
Body ; and apprehending that those who are to oversee the Execution of the
Sentence against me, will not allow me to speak my Mind freely, I leave this
Paper to be published after my Death : And in Case it be kept up or de-
stroyed, I have left another Copy with a Gentle-woman in Town, who, I'm
confident, will cause publish it, since it is the Desire of a Dying Man.

With Shame and Sorrow, I acknowledge that I am a great Sinner,
and that I have offended GOD in Thought, Word and Deed; yet I Trust
there is Mercy for me, as for all other Penitents, thro' the Merits and Medi-
ation of my blessed Saviour. I heartily forgive all my Enemies, as I desire
Forgiveance at the Hand of GOD. Tho' the LORD's Prayer is, by many,
much neglected, and the Use of it in a great Measure abolished, I cannot but
highly esteem it. As to that Part of it which concerns the pardoning of Injuries
done to me, I will say it with my Last Breath, and I thank GOD that I can,
with all the Sincerity of the World say, That from the Bottom of my
Heart I freely forgive all Men as I desire to be forgiven of GOD.

I bless GOD I suffer for well doing, for asserting the Right of my only,
Rightful Soveraign K. JAMES the VIII. and endeavouring to relieve my
miserably oppressed Native Country. My Prosecutors tell me, It is for my
Desertion of the Camp at Stirling, and they alledge, tho' they have not made,
it appear, that I joined the Kings Army, whom they call Rebels ; and that
I was with the Duke of MAR in Perth all Winter. My wretched
Prison-keeper who is turned so violent on the Usurping-lay, says, He has it
from those be calls honest Men : But from him, and all such as he is, good
LORD deliver all good Christians.

Now, to satisfy my Prosecutors and others, I acknowledge I served under
the D. of Brunswick for sometime, but with the greatest Reluctancy ; and
when Conscience could no longer endure the Violence done to it,I joined the
King's Army that went to Preston, where the King's Interest was ruined,
and many a brave Man was betrayed out of Life and Fortune; for I think my
self bound to tell them, that I reckon there was Treachery as well as Cowar-
dice in some who had the chief Command there. I heartily wish all of them
may Repent and Amend. It has been said, that some of those who carried
on the Union got the Repentance of Judas ; but I heartily Pray that all who
are hired to Support the D. of Brunswick on the Throne, denying and re-
jecting their true Master and Sovereign may get Peter's Repentance, who de-
nyed his.    For I am fully persuaded that till our Natural and Rightful So-
vereign is in the settled and peaceable Possession of his just Right, and the
Principles of Whiggery, which destroy all Order and Government, are extirpa-
ted ; Peace will never flourish in Britain which I pray GOD may forward.

I am the second Sacrifice in this Place for King JAMES the VIII. I Pray
GOD I may be the last, and that of His Infinite Mercy He may put a Stop to
the Bloodshed and Murder of these Times.

Since it is GOD's Will that I am deprived of my Life, I hope to glorify
GOD by my Death, which I shall suffer chearfully, since roved away in the
23d Year of my Age for my King and Country.

I pray GOD may preserve the King, and that He may always Bless him,and

    all the Endeavours and Enterprises for his Restauration;That God may encrease
the Number of his true Subjects, and convert all the Enemies of our King
and Country.    Being now to recommend my Self to GOD by Prayer, I
bid you all Adieu.                   sic Subscribitur,         JOHN   KNOX.

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Probable date published: 1716   shelfmark: APS.4.83.19
Broadside regarding the last words of John Knox
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