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Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow


A particular account of the Proceedings of the Circuit Court of
Justiciary, opened at Glasgow on Wednesday the 8th of April
1795.    In particular the trial of John Gibson, for a Rape on
the body of Janet Wilson, and Allan A'Aulay for murder,

ON Wedoesday the 8th of April 1795, the Circuit; Court of Justiciary was opened at
Glasgow by the Right Honourable the Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Craig ; when
after prayer by the Reverend Mr.   Lockhart minister of St.   Andrews Church the
Court proceeded to business.

Gavan Arbackle, Inditted and accused of the murder of Robert Baird Collier and
Changekeeper at Toll Cross being three times called upon by the Macer over the Stair,
and failing to appear, he was declared a fugitive from the laws of his Country.

The following is an account of this murder, on Sunday morning the 3d of November
1794, Robert Baird who kept a publick house in the village of Toll-Cross, and lived com-
fortable until the above unhappy morning. On the Saturday before, Gavin Arbuckle
and his three brethren, his uncle of the name Crumb, and five women all friends and relati-
ons, had all been drinking, or as the vulgar expression is, upon the Rove, and had con-
tinued drinking until between, two and three o'clock in the morning, and then proceeced
to the house of the above Robert Baird, who refusing to rife and let them in, they im-
mediately broke the door into splinters and rushed in, fell upon him in a horrid manner,
beating and abusing him until they broke three of his ribs, fractured his scull in two or
three places, and otherwife abused him in a shocking manner until there appeared no life in
him, they then plundered the house of all the money, drink, clothes and other things they
could carry and made off. The aforesaid Robert Baird lingered in great agony until
Thursday and then died of the wounds he had received. Two of the gang were after-
wards apprehended and committed to Glasgow Jail, but were admitted to be evidence
against the above Gavin Arbuckle.

Next was called upon, James Brachim Son of James Brachim of Blackyards, carter in
Glasgew; Indicted and accused of Robbing ??Ranking of a pocket Book, in the
Gallowgate of Glasgow, containing a large sum in bank notes and other valuable papers,
and he being called upon in like manner, and failing to appear, was likewife fugitated.

Afterwards Was brought to the bar, John Gibson Schoolmaster at Lamington, Indicted
and accused of committing a Rape upon the body of Janet wilson a child about nine years
of age, one of his Scholars, upon which, the Court ordered all the Spectators to withdraw,
except the Jury and Lawers who were engaged as Counsel, as is usual is trials of this na-
ture, they then proceded to the examination of witness, and after a trial of above fix
hours, the Jury was inclosed and ordered to return their verdict to morrow at ten o'clock,
when the Court adjourned till that time

On Thursday the Court met according to appointmint, when John Gibson was again
brought to the bar, and the Jury having returned their verdict finding the Indictment
hot proven he was dismissed from the bar.

Alterwards Allah M'Aulay son of Alexander   M'Aulay residing at Renton near
Dumbarton, Indited and accused of the murder of Andrew Murray, by shotiog him with
a Gun which he had carrying, the Indectment being read over to him, the Court pro-
ceeded to the examination of witnesses, which continued till two o'clock, and the evidence
being summed up for the Crown and pannel, after receining a charge from the Bench
the Jury were enclosed, and ordered to return their verdict on Friday at eleven o'clock,
when the Court adjourned till that time                                                            

On Friday the Court met at eleven o'clock, when the Jury returned their verdict,
finding the libel proven, but the indictment being restricted, he received sentence to be   
imprisoned for two months, and afterward, to go for a soldier, he having formerly enlist
ed. This finishes the business at this place.                                                         

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Date of publication: 1795   shelfmark: APS.3.84.19
Broadside concerning the proceedings of the Circuit Court of Justiciary, Glasgow
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