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Broadside ballads entitled 'The King! God Bless Him', 'Merrily Pass', 'Scots, Come O'er the Border' and 'Tell Me Love, Where Shall We Meet'



A goblet of Burgundy, fill, fill, for me,
Give those who prefer it, champagne ;
But whatever the wine, it a bumper must be,
Though we ne'er drink a bumper again :
Now, when the cares of the day are thrown by,
And all man's best feelings possess him,
And the soul lights her beacon of truth in the eye,
Here's a health to the king !    God bless him.
God bless him, &c.

The wealthy of Rome, at their banquets of old,
When to those whom they honoured they quaff'd,
Threw pearls of great price in their goblets of gold
More costly to render their draught !
I boast not of gems, but my heart's in my glass,
Of its love naught can e'er dispossess him;
Upstanding, uncovered ! round, round let it pass,?
Here's a health to the king ! God bless him !
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
Upstanding, uncovered, round, round let it pass,
Here's a health to the king ! God bless him,         


MERRILY pass the glass around,
We'll spend a night of glee ;
Let wit and mirth abound, abound,
For jolly good fellows are we.

Scots, Come o'er the

March!   march!    Ettrick and   Teviotdale,
Why, the dei'l, dinnar ye   march forward in
order ?
March ! march ! Eskdale and Liddesdale,
         All the blue bonnets are bound for the border.
                Many a banner, spread,
                Flutters above your head,
    Many a crest that   is   famous in story !
                Mount and make ready, then,
                Sons of the mountain glen,?
    Fight for the queen, and our old Scottish glory.
                           March ! March! &c.

    Come   from the hills    where   your hirsels are
         Come from the glens of the buck and the roe;
      Come to the   crag where the beacon is blazing.
       Come with the buckler, the lance, and the bow
                Trumpets   are sounding.
                War steeds are bounding,
Stand to your arms,   then,   and   march   in   good
England shall many a day
Tell of the bloody fray,
When the blue bonnets came over the border.
March! March! &c.

Tell me Love, where shall
we meet.

Say, shall we meet when the sun is glowing,
Down by the streamlet softly flowing,
So watch the rose-enchanting flower'   
Or will you meet me in the bower,
In palace, hall, or lone retreat?
Tell me love, where shall we meet?

Say, shall we meet 'neath the starry brightness,
When the heart throbs with gladsome lightness?
To kneel   before   some holy shrine,
Where my vows shall blend with thine;
In palace, hall, or lone retreat,
Tell me, love, where shall we meet ?

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Probable date published: 1820-1837   shelfmark: APS.3.84.5
Broadside ballads entitled 'The King! God Bless Him', 'Merrily Pass', 'Scots, Come O'er the Border' and 'Tell Me Love, Where Shall We Meet'
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